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About City

Imran Choudhury

Department of International Politics

E: imran.choudhury.1@city.ac.uk

PhD Title: Assimilation and Coercion: A study of the Ford Foundation and the FBI’s impact upon the African-American community c. 1965 - c.1975.

Supervisor: Professor Inderjeet Parmar

Research topic and interests

This research seeks to understand the current conditions of the African-American community which are blighted by systemic oppression in economic, political, and social forms. Recent and infamous killings of African-Americans such as Michael Brown, have led to tensions between the African-American community and the State due to its inaction or overreaction. This had led to black activism becoming more noticeable in the media such as the #BlackLivesMatter movement has brought the issue of race back in to media and political discourse.

To comprehend the dissatisfaction shown in the African-American community, this research starts its study in the mid-1960s towards the end of the Civil Rights Movement with the shift to the Black Power movement. This research has an interest in two actors whom are external to the African-American community. Firstly, the Ford Foundation and its policies impacting upon the African-American community. Secondly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the role they played in the African-American community during this time. Studying both the Ford Foundation and the FBI, this research aims to identify any connection between the two actors effects via their policies towards the African-American community. These policies will be examined through the use of archival sources. By studying the effects from this period which is seen as a momentous period for the perceived breakthrough in civil rights legislation for African-Americans, the research seeks to interrogate the impact which this has had in the present. This research will test the theories of internal colonialism against liberal pluralism to examine which theory offers a better understanding of the relationship between African-Americans and the State.    

Research Interests

  • Race
  • US Foreign Policy
  • Colonialism/Post-Colonialism


BSc in International Politics at City University London

MA in Global and Imperial History at Queen Mary University of London