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About City

Ilona Karpanos

MPhil/PhD Student

Department of International Politics

City Political Economy Research Centre

E: Ilona.Karpanos.1@city.ac.uk

Thesis title: The impact of political and legal risks in SME's internationalization entry mode decision into Russia

Supervisors: Dr Anastasia Nesvetailova

Overview and research interests

Ilona's research explores the profound impact of political and legal risks on the entry mode decision into the Russian market by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These have been chosen as the focus of Ilona's research because of the increasing number of SMEs entering international business, to the effect that, today, they represent an important influence on many economies. Firms expanding their activities into emerging markets very often face unclear regulations, ambivalent legislation, lack of information and corruption. In the context of this environmental uncertainty, which bears a relation to the political and legal risks of the host country, firms have to make decisions in selecting an appropriate entry mode in the new market. To prospective entrants, the Russian market may appear to be affected by an ambivalent administrative system, diffuse informal networks of power ('sistema'), informal rewards and a non-transparent judicial system. These and other peculiarities of the Russian administrative, political and legal environment have to be taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate entry mode.

Ilona obtained a BA in Finance from Manchester University, an MBA in Marketing from Manchester University, and an MA in International Business from Anglia Ruskin University.

Research interests:

  • Corruption
  • International Business
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Political Economy
  • Political Environment and Business Strategy