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About City

Elizaveta Kuznetsova

Department of International Politics

E: elizaveta.kuznetsova.1@city.ac.uk

Thesis Title: Framing and Counter-framing in International Politics: The case study of Russian international broadcasting, RT

Supervisor: Dr Thomas Davies and Dr Sara Silvestri

Research topic and interests

The Syrian crisis in 2013 revived the ‘cold war’ scenario relationship between Russia and the US, bringing up the antagonizing powers rhetoric. Elizaveta’s research clarifies the ideological underpinnings behind the renewed bipolarity of the world, showing the relevance of discourse in global politics. Her study analyses the dialogue between 24-hour news broadcasters that emerges as a result of framing and counter framing. Empirically, this includes several case studies that look at RT’s coverage of politically relevant issues and the response of CNN to RT’s countering efforts. The empirical study analyses how both channels framed the Syrian Crisis in 2013 and the Annexation of Crimea in 2014. The research looks at framing as an element of a broader process, such as persuasion and provided a novel methodological framework.

Elizaveta was trained in Russia and the UK and has a BA in Literature and MA in Journalism from the Moscow State University (Combined specialist degree), and MA in International Journalism from City, University of London.

Elizaveta is also a broadcast and documentary journalist with experience in Russia and the UK.

Research Interests

  • Political Communication
  • Frame and Counter-frame analysis
  • Semiotics
  • Visual Analysis
  • Propaganda
  • Media in Russia.

Conference presentation

Kuznetsova, E. (2017) Framing and Counter-framing in World Politics: The case study of Russian international broadcasting (RT), 58th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA), Baltimore, Maryland

Kuznetsova, E. (2016) Framing and Counter-framing in World Politics: The case study of Russian international broadcasting (RT), Annual General Conference of the Political Studies Association (PSA), Media and Politics Group, London School of Economics, London

Kuznetsova, E. (2016) New Means of Deception: the case study of Social Media Discourses in Russia and Ukraine.


Department of International Politics

  • Myths and Mysteries in World Politics (IP1014, BSc Module)
  • Emerging Power and Emerging Issues (IP1019, BSc Module)

Department of Sociology

  • Applied Qualitative Data Analysis (SAM005, MSc Module)

Department of Journalism

  • Reporting Conflict (JO2209, BSc Module)
  • Global Journalism (JOM 293, MA module)


Twitter @lalizaveta