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About City

Bamo Nouri

Visiting Lecturer

Department of International Politics

E: Bamo.Nouri@city.ac.uk

PhD title: The United States War and Occupation of Iraq: Benign or Malign Imperialism?

Supervisors: Professor Inderjeet Parmar, Dr Aggie Hirst

Overview and research interests

My research looks into the question of whether the United States conduct in practice was consistent with rhetoric theory in promoting democracy through the 2003 Iraq War. The study examines US acts in Iraq on several counts (politically and economically) to establish whether it adhered to its professed plans of democracy promotion and liberation or whether there was an ulterior motive of domination in the short and long term. In examining the ulterior motives of the US War and Occupation, my research looks at the relevance of elite theory to examine the backgrounds and membership networks of the elite decision makers in the Iraq war and how their backgrounds impacted their decision-making.

Research interests

My research interests are based around the United States Foreign Policy towards the Middle-East and Iraq in particular. Special focus on the Middle-East and the US post 9-11 era, Democracy promotion and the present Middle-East in the context of History. My research also focuses heavily on Elite theory and its significance in explaining US decision making.


  • Law LLB (HONS)
  • MA Human Rights Political Science

Public Presentations and Conference Papers Given

BISA US Foreign Policy Working Group Conference London 2015


  • Emerging Powers in World Politics (City, University of London)
  • Introduction to International Politics (The University of Manchester)


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