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About City

Research students

The Department has a thriving community of research students engaged in doctoral research on topics ranging from security sector reforms in South Asia, fracking in Europe, the politics of Israel, urbanisation and refugee policy, and complementary currencies.

Imran Choudhhury Assimilation and Coercion: A study of the Ford Foundation and the FBI’s impact upon the African-American community c. 1965 - c.1975.
Natasha De Silva Exploration of Diaspora Engagement in the Reconciliation Process of Sri Lanka
Thomas Hooper A Genealogy of International Ethics and Conflict
Shreeya Kashyap Drivers and dynamics of Mechanisms of Money Laundering: The case of India
Elizaveta Kuznetsova Framing and Counter-framing in International Politics: The case study of Russian international broadcasting, RT
Jingjing Li Tbc
Juvaria Jafri Madani Informality, Poverty, and Financial Inclusion: An Alternative Perspective on Finance Lead Growth Strategies
Bonfas Owinga The limitations of civil society in post-authoritarian Africa: a comparative study of Kenya and Zambia
Seila Panizzolo

Concepts of national identity through public diplomacy strategies in selected Arab Gulf states.

Hisham Sabbagh Failed peace or failed mediation? An analysis of the role of the United States in mediating the Syrian-Israeli peace negotiations, 1991-2000
Andrei Sandu Sub-Saharan Africa and the global governance of food security: between underdevelopment and institutional embeddedness
Sahra Taylor The Role of Education in the creation of a Cosmopolitan Identity, and Global Society
Daniel James Taylor Tbc

Recently completed PhDs

Niloy Biswas Actors and security in a transitional democracy: exploring the implications of the role of the donors and civil society organisations (CSOs) in reforming civilian security institutions of Bangladesh
Leonie Fleischmann The transformation of the Israeli Peace Movement since the Al Aqsa Intifada
Shelly Gottfried The emergence of the Israeli oligarchy and its role in Israel's relations with the global arena: a central actor but not a factor?
Ilona Karpanos The impact of political and legal risks in SME's internationalization entry mode decision into Russia
Dr Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis The evolution of the oil market: a study of financialisation through crises
Steffen Murau Private Credit Money Gone Public: Monetary Transformation and the Accommodation of Bank Notes, Bank Deposits and Shadow Money
Bamo Nouri The United States War and Occupation of Iraq: Benign or Malign Imperialism?
Dr Alejandro Pena Global and local trajectories of social standardisation: the cases of Argentina and Brazil
Pietro de Perini The meaning of Euromediterranean intercultural dialogue for Europe: insights and challenges for the analysis of EU foreign policy instruments and objectives
Hannah Petersen Risk evaluation and risk preferences concerning modern energy sources - a multilevel approach
Dr Eleonora Poli Understanding the power of ideas in the globalising economy: the evolution and internationalisation of antitrust
Dr Holly Ryan Bringing the visual into focus: street art in contentious politics
Yulia Sarno Towards a better understanding of driving factors for FDI allocation. A country’s goodwill: a new host country’s FDI determinant?
Neil James Wilson UNHCR, Urban Refugees and the Governance of Global Displacement