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About City

City Political Economy Research Centre

Welcome to the City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC)



CITYPERC is London’s hub for expert analysis on politics and economics. The Centre brings together world-leading expertise from academia, public policy, the financial sector and civil society to address key issues and challenges facing global capitalism today.

Established in 2012, the Centre has rapidly become a focus for interdisciplinary research across the UK, Europe and beyond. CITYPERC has promoted innovative workshops, conferences and public events on contemporary issues including tax justice, austerity economics, shadow banking and financial regulation. The Centre designed and developed the first BSc degree programme in International Political Economy in the UK, which opened at City’s Department of International Politics in 2014.

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People and Partners

Core Team


  • Grietje Baars, Senior Lecturer, The City Law School
  • Jean-Christophe Graz, Professor of International Relations, University of Lausanne
  • Andrew Jones, Professor of Economic Geography, City, University of London
  • Iosif Kovras, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Cyprus
  • Steffen Murau, Postdoctoral Fellow in International Political Economy, Boston University
  • Avinash Persaud, Professor Emeritus, Gresham College
  • Hannah Peterson, Postdoctoral Fellow, City, University of London
  • Ann Pettifor, Director, Policy Research in Macroeconomics
  • Brunello Rosa, CEO and Head of Research, Rosa & Roubini Associates
  • Josh Ryan-Collins, Senior Research Fellow, UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose
  • Andrei Sandu, Postdoctoral Fellow, London School of Economics
  • Steve Schifferes, Honorary Research Fellow, CITYPERC
  • Mark Herman Schwartz, Professor of Politics, University of Virginia
  • Geoff Tily, Senior Economist, Trades Union Congress

Doctoral Fellows

  • Aimira Imanova
  • Etienne Lepers
  • Aggela Papadopoulou
  • Jenaline Pyle
  • Xinyi Wei

Institutional Partners

European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy

Finance and Society Network