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Instructions for authors

The format of the Health Economists' Study Group - pre-circulated papers with discussants rather than authors presenting their own work - requires a set of procedures which must be closely followed if the sessions, and the meeting as a whole, are to be successful. An important part of this procedure is the rules for production and distribution of papers, which will be strictly applied by this meeting's organisers. These cover the size of papers and the timetable for their distribution.

First, we have restrictions on the size of papers, partly because of the implications for the cost of printing but more importantly to give the discussant and other participants the opportunity to read the papers. The restrictions are no more than 20 A4 pages (including tables) AND no more than 7,500 words.

For illustration, the word limit fits the page limit using one and a half spaced 12-point proportionally- spaced font or typeface with 1" (2.5cm) all-round margins and a reasonable number of paragraphs and headings.

Appendices will be accepted only for details of questionnaires and not for additional tables or other material.

Any papers going beyond these limits will be sent back to authors and excluded from the meeting unless reduced to fit.

Second, we have deadlines for distribution that must be kept. Please send a PDF version of your paper to the local organiser no later than 29th November 2017.

Distribution of papers at the meeting is not consistent with HESG philosophy and will not be permitted.

Instructions for posters

Posters can be portrait or landscape but should be no larger than A0 (841 x 1189 mm).

Posters cannot be printed on site and should be printed by presenters in advance of the conference. Adhesive materials (pins, velcro) will be provided.

Names of all contributors and associations should be included on your poster.

Instructions for Chairs and discussants

HESG instructions for Chairs and discussants (pdf)