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About City

Health Economists' Study Group

Conference summary

The Health Economists' Study Group Winter 2018 Meeting will be hosted by the The City Health Economics Centre (CHEC)

The Health Economists’ Study Group (HESG) exists to support and promote  the work of health economists. It was founded in 1972 and is the oldest organisation of its type in health economics and remains one of the largest. It is based in the UK, but this does not restrict its membership and interests. The group organises two HESG meetings per year at which academic and policy relevant papers are discussed. This conference is the HESG Winter Conference 2018.

The conference is intended for health economists rather than more generally for people interested in health economics. Although the group has an academic function – the creation and transmission of knowledge and ideas – its members work in commercial, academic and government settings and its concerns are applied and policy orientated as well as theoretical.

Conference schedule

The HESG Winter Conference will take place at City, University of London over three days from 12pm on 10th January to 1pm on 12th January 2018.

Wednesday 10th January - 12pm arrival and registration with lunch, afternoon sessions, drinks reception.
Thursday 11th January - Full day of conference with refreshments and lunch, evening conference dinner at St Pancras Hotel.
Friday 12th January - Morning sessions with packed lunch then close at 1pm.

For delegates registered with accommodation, this will be provided for two nights at The City Thistle Barbican hotel.

Key dates

Abstract Submission has now closed
Conference registration has now closed.