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Student views: Onyinye Francisca Isiadinso

How did you first become interested in Economics?

I became really interested in studying economics because of my final year secondary school economics teacher. She was one of those people who stood out as being really passionate about what she taught.

Why did you choose to study Economics at City?

City University is in the centre of London and being an international student, I really wanted to experience the "London lifestyle". City was also the best rated for academics and student life among the universities I was given the option of choosing at my foundation college.

Any advice for someone considering this course?

Keep up to date with what is happening in the world by reading The Economist and The Financial Times.

If you end up coming to City, I would also say use the Careers Service as often as possible when applying for jobs as City has one of the best careers services.

Have any lecturers been particularly helpful to you?

Yes, my personal tutor, Andy Denis, has been extra helpful to me right from the beginning of my course. He always provides assistance and advice whenever I have any difficulties either in a particular module or anything in general and this has helped me greatly during my studies.

What have been your favourite modules so far?

I would say International Trade and Money and Banking because of the way the lecturers deliver the modules and how both modules make you think from a different perspective.

City's ambition is to be in the top 2% of universities in the world by 2016. What will you be doing in 2016?

By 2016, I hope to have already started my business in my home country, Nigeria.