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Student views: Daniel Gibson

How did you become interested in Economics?

I've been interested in financial markets since I was at school and I knew that I wanted a career in the City of London. I started to follow financial news and to read books about finance and economics and I knew that I wanted to study economics at university. I chose to study business studies at A-level to learn more about business and economics and this gave me a bit of background knowledge that helped me when I started studying economics at City University.   

Why did you choose City?

City stood out for me because it has a good reputation for graduate employment and was located close to the City of London. I have always lived in London and I want to work in the City when I graduate.

City University is only around a 20 minute walk from the Bank of England and Paternoster Square, so it is easy to visit places like this if you have any breaks in lectures.

Any advice for someone considering this course?

My advice to anyone thinking about studying economics would be to start reading the financial and economic news, either in the Financial Times or online; this will help you to understand the real issues in the economy and see how what you learn in lectures can be used in the real world. Once you start at City, try to keep up to date by reading The Economist magazine and the Financial Times, these are both provided to students by the Economics Department.

Are there any lecturers you have found really helpful?

I've found that most of the economics lecturers are very helpful and will answer questions in person or via email if you are having problems with anything. All of the lecturers are enthusiastic in the modules they are teaching and will do their best to make sure students do well.

What's been your favourite module so far?

My favourite module was probably global financial markets which provided an overview of the markets for options, futures, forward contracts and other financial instruments. I particularly liked this module because it provided an insight into the specific area of economics that I am interested in starting a career in.

City's ambition is to be in the top 2% of universities in the world by 2016. Where will you be in 2016?

In 2016 I hope to be working as a trader for an investment bank or a hedge fund or to be analysing changes in financial markets and commenting on market conditions.

How do you think City will help you with getting a job? 

I have heard that City has a good reputation with graduate employers; some of the top graduate employers come to City for the careers fairs looking for students interested in working for them. I have been to the Careers Centre at City several times to get help with CV's and applications and I think this will improve my chances of being offered a job.

I've learned skills studying that will help me in a future career. I've had to work on projects as part of a group, make presentations and I was also part of the City team in a university trading challenge, giving me some experience in the financial industry to help me in my future career.