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About City

Student views: Alex Papadimitriou

How did you first become interested in Economics?

I was interested in law from an early age due to my father's profession. Later on I realised the importance of economics through discussion with my father and trying to learn a bit about economics by myself. Having studied both subjects at City I feel I have a much better understanding of what goes on in the world.

Why did you choose to study Economics at City?

There were several reasons: the fact that there is a focus on the practical as well as the theoretical; its reputation among my father's friends and colleagues; and the fact that its home to Cass Business School (where I aim to do my Masters).

City also offers a diverse environment and accepts a vast variety of qualifications; this gives students that have studied in other countries the chance to study at a high quality university.

Was being in London an important factor?

Yes. London offers a vast variety of attractions, the opportunity to meet interesting people from all backgrounds, and the chance to gain work experience in a variety of first rate firms, whatever career path you choose to follow.

City itself is very close to tube stations, the Barbican Centre and great places to have lunch and spend your break.

Have any lecturers been particularly helpful to you?

I think Dr Andy Dennis has helped me the most. Though his courses are hard (and his assessments harder!), they always build an in-depth understanding of the subject and teach you how to look further than just the contents of the module you are studying.

What's been your favourite topic so far?

My favourite topic has been game theory. Effectively game theory is about understanding why people or firms make the choices they make and how to think tactically on a completely different level.

How do you think City will help you with getting a job? 

City offers access to a great network of contacts through fairs and through the professors themselves.