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About City

Zamid Aligishiev

Department of Economicsnull

E: zamid.aligishiev.1@city.ac.uk

PhD Title: Fiscal transmission. Evidence from the past 45 years.

Supervisors: Professor Joseph Pearlman,  and Professor Michael Ben-Gad

Brief description of research topic

Much research in the field of growth economics has concentrated on the relative efficacy of the fiscal policy. The debate can be traced back to the time when Keynes himself argued that during economic slack, fiscal multipliers are relatively higher; yet, after almost a century, the consensus is far from being reached. Recent advances in econometric modelling adopt a statistical measure of the time-varying (state-dependent) nature of economic fluctuations. This approach is applied to the debate by determining the slack-dependent nature of fiscal policy, as well as by expanding it to a wider analysis of the estimated multiplier series.

Research Interests

  • Fiscal and Monetary policy
  • Structural VARs
  • State-space representation models
  • TVP-VARs
  • Bayesian Econometrics
  • DSGE models


  • City University London, UK: PhD Economics (Present), MSc International Business Economics (September 2014)
  • Finance University under the Government of Russian Federation, Russia: Specialist degree in Banking (June 2012)


  • EC1009 Introductory Macroeconomics (BSc)
  • EC2016 Intermediate Macroeconomics 2 (BSc)
  • EC2017 Introductory Econometrics (BSc)
  • EC3017 Applied Econometrics (BSc)
  • STATA support sessions (MSc)