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About City

Salma Ben Lalouna

PhD student

Department of Economics


PhD Title

African Resource-Rich Developing Countries, Dutch disease, Monetary and Fiscal Policies


City, University of London - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): 2016 – 2020

Field of Study: Economics

City, University of London - Master of Science (MSc): 2015 – 2016 (Honours)

Field of Study: International Business Economics

Brief description of research topic

- investigate the importance of the impact of natural resources abundance in some African countries, known to be resource-rich, on the economy

- evaluate how different is the impact of a price increase, namely a windfall; compared to a resource increase, expressly a boom; regarding the monetary policy

- how the monetary and the fiscal policies impact the Dutch disease

- the way the monetary and the fiscal policies need to be adjusted to fit the specificities of those African resource-rich developing countries. and enhance their economic development.


Prof Joseph Pearlman

Prof Keith Pilbeam

Dr Fabrice Defever

Research Interests

Natural resources, monetary and fiscal policies, Dutch disease

Public Presentations and Conference Papers Given

EEFS 2018- 17th Annual Conference Department of Economics City, University of London 21st – 24th of June 2018


Mathematics post A-level, post GSCE (1), (2) AND (3)



Authorised for publishing

Int. J. of Monetary Economics and Finance

Special Issue:

EEFS Conference Current Issues in International Economics and International Finance