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About City

PhD students

Current PhD students

Name Topic / thesis title
Khansa Al-Sabah The role of past immigration on immigrants economic outcomes in the labor market in Canada
Zamid Aligishiev Fiscal transmission. Evidence from the past 45 years.
Enrique Benito Essays on banking regulation
Salma Ben Lalouna

African Resource-Rich Developing Countries, Dutch disease, Monetary and Fiscal Policies

Domile Butkeviciute Consumer preferences & bundled discounts: The case of UK grocery retail
Alessandro Cantelmo Labour Market and Financial Frictions in DSGE Models
Ayah El-Said Interaction of Macroprudential And Monetary Policies and the role of systemic risk
Amira El-Shal The impact on health care: from primary health projects to explicit health insurance - evidence from pilot activities in Egypt
Mahmoud Eltholth Assessing the economic impact of antimicrobial resistance: model calibration and evaluation of policy interventions
Vania Esady Essays in Macroeconomic Policy
Amir Hosseini Political economy of institutional reforms in resource-abundant economies
David Hunt Market design and market failure in electricity trading arrangements with special reference to the GB energy market
Anna Kaliciak  Behavioral framework for individual wealth allocation decisions
Ekaterina Kuznetsova Essays on attitudes towards risk and health risks of immigrants and its relationship with Hepatitis B vaccine uptake in the UK
Kingsley Offiaeli Demand for hybrid and electric cars, and elasticity measurements.
Xenia Radu Estimating the relationship between financial indicators and society's well-being in the context of the last recession. A natural experiment approach
Melcior Rossellò-Roig Positive Political Economics perspective in Health
Niccolò Stamboglis An Agent-Based Model of the Overnight Interbank Market
Amna Saeed Macroeconomics
Azar Sultanov The Macroeconomics of Immigration and Fiscal Policy
Haslet Tayyareci Currency Substitution
Asena Temizsoy The determinants of sovereign bond spread and the impact of banking sector
Tim Tutton Government and independent economic regulation in the UK
Alina Velias Effects of Existential Anxiety on Economic Behaviour

Past PhD students

Name Topic/thesis title
Carl Camilleri Measurement of efficiency in Malta's health care sector
Monika Junicke New Keynesian model with inflation persistence, optimal monetary policy for small open economy
Joseph Kamara Willingness to Pay for Health Insurance among Informal Sector Workers in Sierra Leone: A Discrete Choice Experiment Approach
Polina Kovaleva Optimal trading strategies in limit order markets

For information about research degrees please contact SASS-enquiries@city.ac.uk.