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About City

PhD students

For information about research degrees please contact SASS-enquiries@city.ac.uk.

Current Research Students

  • Zamid Aligishiev
  • Salma Ben Lalouna
  • Vania Esady
  • Seyed Ghesami
  • Chandanee Kalansooriya
  • Anna Kaliciak
  • Iris Lopes Rafegas
  • Rowlando Morgan
  • Yi Mu
  • Augustin Nicolas Munoz
  • Huynh Nhu Y Nguyen
  • Johnson Jossia Nyella
  • Kingsley Offiaeli
  • Ivy Sabuga
  • Niccolò Stamboglis
  • Azar Sultanov
  • Alina Velias
  • Karan Vishwanath
  • Mohamed Zahran

Job Market Candidates

Zamid AligishievZamid Aligishiev

Supervisors: Joseph Pearlman, Michael Ben-Gad

Fields of Research:  Macroeconomics and Monetary theory (Primary), Econometrics (Secondary)

Vania EsadyVania Esady

Supervisors: Joseph Pearlman, Michael Ben-Gad

Fields of Research:  Monetary and Fiscal Policy Analysis (Primary), Information Frictions in Macroeconomics (Secondary)

Recent PhD Graduates


Thesis Title

Khansa Al-Sabah

Essays on labour migration in Canada

Enrique Benito

Asset encumbrance, size distribution and liquidity provision: Three essays on banking

Domile Butkeviciute

Consumer Preferences & Loyalty Discounts: The Case of UK Grocery Retail

Carl Camilleri

Essays on Health Outcomes and Physician Practice Variation within a Public Single Hospital: the Case of Malta

Alessandro Cantelmo

Essays on Multi-Sector Macroeconomic Models for Policy Analysis

Ayah El-Said

Essays on the Effectiveness and Cyclicality of Macroprudential Policies in Emerging Markets: Assessing the Role of Sovereign Risk and Implications for Capital Flows and Financial Inclusion

Amira El-Shal

The effects of health sector reform interventions in Egypt on family planning and maternal and child health

Amir Hosseini

Essays on the Political Economy of Institutional Reforms

Joseph Kamara

Essays on Willingness and Ability to Pay for Health Insurance Among Informal Sector Workers in Sierra Leone

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Essays on the effect of immigration and assimilation on immigrants’ health and health behaviours: evidence from the United Kingdom and Russian Federation

Xenia Radu

Topics in wellbeing and adaptation to health states

Melcior Rossellò-Roig

Essays on the spillovers of the household environment on childhood outcomes: Domestic violence, health and education and maternal working hours on children's wellbeing

Asena Temizsoy

The Effects of Crisis on the Interbank Markets and Sovereign Risk: Empirical Investigations

PhD Graduate Destinations

  • Teaching Fellow, City, University of London
  • Senior Risk Manager, HSBC
  • Senior Associate Economist, Policy & Strategy, Payment Systems Regulator
  • Economist, International Monetary Fund
  • Economist, Autonomy Capital
  • Senior Consultant, African Development Bank Group; Assistant Professor, Cairo University
  • Research Analyst, McKinsey & Company
  • Coordinator, Sierra Leone Social Security Health Insurance Scheme
  • Consultant, IQVIA
  • Assistant Professor, Università degli Studi di Perugia