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Discussion papers

Economics discussion papers from 2003 onwards can be viewed (and downloaded) using the following links:
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20/14 Defever, F., Riaño, A. and Varela, G.
Evaluating the Impact of Export Finance Support On Firm-level Export Performance: Evidence from Pakistan

20/13 Delaney, L.
A Model of Investment under Uncertainty with Time to Build, Market Incompleteness and Risk Aversion

20/12 Laliotis, I. and Minos, D.
Spreading the Disease: The Role of Culture

20/11 Defever, F., Reyes, J-D., Riaño, A. and Varela, G.
All These Worlds are Yours, Except India: The Effectiveness of Cash Subsidies to Export in Nepal

20/10 Aligishiev, Z., Ben-Gad, M. and Pearlman, J.
Evaluating Historical Episodes using Shock Decompositions in the DSGE Model

20/09 Bai, Y., Girma, S. and Riaño, A.
Corporate Acquisitions and Firm-level Uncertainty: Domestic versus Cross-Border Deals

20/08 Kapetanios, G., Price, S., Tasiou, M. and Ventouri, A.
State-level wage Phillips curves

20/07 Offiaeli, K. and Yaman, F.
Social Norms as a Cost-Effective Measure of Managing Transport Demand: Evidence from an Experiment on the London Underground

20/06 El Said, A., Emara, N. and Pearlman, J.
On the Impact of Financial Inclusion on Financial Stability and Inequality: The Role of Macroprudential Policies

20/05 Galanis, S, Ioannou, C. and Kotronis, S.
Information Aggregation Under Ambiguity: Theory and Experimental Evidence

20/04 Galanis, S.
Speculative Trade and the Value of Public Information

20/03 Bharadwaj, P., Doiron, D., Fiebig, D. G. and Suziedelyte, A.
Psychological Costs of Migration: Home Country Natural Disasters and Mental Health

20/02 Che, X., Katayama, H. and Lee, P.
Willingness to Pay for Brand Reputation: Lessons from the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal

20/01 Che, X., Huang, Y. and Zhang, L.
Supervisory Efficiency and Collusion in a Multiple-Agent Hierarchy


19/18 Defever F., Imbruno, M. and Kneller, R.
Trade Liberalization, Input Intermediaries and Firm Productivity: Evidence from China

19/17 Taskin, A. A. and Yaman, F.
Credit Supply, Homeownership and Mortgage Debt

19/16 Andrikopoulos, A., Dassiou, X.  and Tsionas, M. G. 
Product Durability and Exchange Rate Exposure in International Triopolies

19/15 Suziedelyte, A.
Is it only a game? Video games and violence

19/14 Laliotis, I. , Moscelli, G. and Monastiriotis, V.
Summertime and the drivin’ is easy? Daylight Saving Time and Vehicle Accidents

19/13 Mamageishvili, A. and Schlegel, J. C.
Optimal Smart Contracts with Costly Verification

19/12 Yaman, F. , Cubi-Molla, P. and Ungureanu, S.
Which Decision Theory Describes Life Satisfaction Best? Evidence from Annual Panel Data

19/11 Deak, S., Levine, P., Mirza, A. and Pearlman, J.
Designing robust monetary policy using prediction pools

19/10 Faggio, G. , Silva, O. and Strange, W.C.
Tales of the City: What Do Agglomeration Cases Tell Us About Agglomeration in General?

19/09 Faggio, G. , Schluter, T. and vom Berge, P.
Interaction of Public and Private Employment: Evidence from a German Government Move

19/08 Aligishiev, Z., Ben-Gad, M. , Mountford, A. and Pearlman, J.
Turning It Up To Eleven: Re-Evaluating the Role of Financial Frictions in the 2007–2008 Economic Crisis

19/07 Maynou, L., McGuire, A. and Serra-Sastre, V.
Exploring the Impact of New Medical Technology on Workforce Planning

19/06 Ben Gad, M, Ben Haim,Y. and Peled, D.
Allocating Security Expenditures under Knightian Uncertainty: an Info-Gap Approach

19/05 Iori, G. and Gurgone, A
Multi-agent methodology to assess the effectiveness of alternative systemic risk adjusted capital requirements

19/04 Pinchbeck, E.
Convenient Primary Care and Emergency Hospital Utilization

19/03 Galanis, S.and Kotronis, S
Updating Awareness and Information Aggregation

19/02 Galanis, S.
Dynamic Consistency, Valuable Information and Subjective Beliefs

19/01 Dassiou, X. and Glycopantis, D.
The importance of reputation in the auditing of companies: A game theory analysis


18/06 Pinchbeck, E.  and Koster, H. R. A.
How do Households Value the Future? Evidence from Property Taxes

18/05 Perrotton, F. & Massol, O. 
Rate-of-return regulation to unlock natural gas pipeline deployment: insights from a Mozambican project

18/04 Chernozhukov, V., Härdle, W.K., Huang, C. & Wang, W.
LASSO-Driven Inference in Time and Space

18/03 Newham, M., Seldeslachts, J. & Banal-Estanol, A.
Common Ownership and Market Entry: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry

18/02 Andrikopoulos, A. & Dassiou, X.
Exchange-rate exposure in a “Rule of Three” Model

18/01 Pilbeam, K. & Litsios, I.
Long-run determination of the nominal exchange rate in the presence of national debts: Evidence from the yen-dollar exchange rate


17/06 Schlegel, J. C.
A Note on Ex-Ante Stable Lotteries

17/05 Schlegel, J. C., Mamageishvili, A.
Welfare theorems for random assignments with priorities

17/04 Defever, F., Reyes, J-D., Riaño, A. & Sanchez-Martin, M. E.
Special Economic Zones and WTO Compliance: Evidence from the Dominican Republic

17/03 Defever, F., Fischer, C. & Suedekum, J.
Supplier Search and Re-matching in Global Sourcing - Theory and Evidence from China

17/02 Defever, F. & Riaño, A. 
Twin Peaks


16/09 Jofre-Bonet, M., Serra-Sastre, V. & Vandoros, S.
Better Health in Times of Hardship?

16/08 Temizsoy, A., Iori, G. & Montes-Rojas, G.
Network Centrality and Funding Rates in the e-MID Interbank Market

16/07 Zbonakova, L., Härdle, W.K. & Wang, W.
Time Varying Quantile Lassoa

16/06 Chen, S., Härdle, W.K. & Wang, W.
Inflation Co-movement across Countries in Multi-maturity Term Structure: An Arbitrage-Free Approach

16/05 Cui, W., Härdle, W.K. & Wang, W.
Estimation of NAIRU with In ation Expectation Data

16/04 Defever, F. & Reyes, J-D.
Does the Elimination of Export Requirements in Special Economic Zones A ect Export Performance? Evidence from the Dominican Republic

16/03 Massol, O. & Rifaat, O.
Phasing out the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve: Policy insights from a world helium model

16/02 Jofre-Bonet, M., Rossello-Roig, M. & Serra-Sastre, V.
The Blow of Domestic Violence on Children's Health Outcomes

16/01 Hache, E. & Massol, O.
Sanctions against Iran: An assessment of their global impact through the lens of international methanol prices.

2015 discussion papers

15/05 Byrne, D. P., Imai, S., Jain, N., Sarafidis, V. & Hirukawa, M.
Identification and Estimation of Differentiated Products Models using Market Size and Cost Data

15/04 Delaney, L.
An Examination of the Optimal Timing Strategy for a Slow Trader Investing in a High Frequency Trading Technology

15/03 Banal‐Estañol, A., Eckhause, J. & Massol, O.
Incentives for early adoption of carbon capture technology: further considerations from a European perspective

15/02 Zu, Y. & Boswijk, H. P.
Consistent nonparametric specification tests for stochastic volatility models based on the return distribution

15/01 Ungureanu, S.
Inefficient Reallocation, Loss Aversion and Prospect Theory

2014 discussion papers

14/10 Cubi-Molla, P. & Yaman, F.
A Fixed Effects Ordered Choice Model with Flexible Thresholds with an Application to Life-Satisfaction

14/08 Jofre-Bonet, M. & Pesendorfer, M.
Optimal Sequential Auctions

14/07 Melina, G. & Villa, S.
Leaning Against Windy Bank Lending

14/06 Cantore, C., Levine, P. & Melina, G.
On Habit and Utility-Enhancing Government Consumption

14/05 Zu, Y. & Boswijk, H. P.
Estimating Spot Volatility with High-Frequency Financial Data

14/04 Porter, J., Iori, G., Gabbi, G. & Jafarey, S.
Financial Regulations and Bank Credit to the Real Economy

14/03 Temizsoy, A., Iori, G. & Montes-Rojas, G.
The Role of Bank Relationships in the Interbank Market

14/02 Ben-Gad, M.
Optimal Taxation of Asset Income with Endogenous Government Consumption: Theory, Estimation and Welfare

14/01 Massol, O. & Banal-Estañol, A.
Market power across the Channel: Are Continental European gas markets isolated?

2013 discussion papers

13/16 Cantore, C., Levine, P., Melina, G. & Pearlman, J.
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Rules in Normal and Abnormal Times

13/15 Costantini, M., Fragetta, M. & Melina, G.
Determinants of Sovereign Bond Yield Spreads in the EMU: an Optimal Currency Area Perspective

13/14 Hatzopoulos, V., Iori, G., Mantegna, R. N., Micciche, S. & Tumminello, M.
Quantifying Preferential Trading in the e-MID Interbank Market

13/13 Levine, P., Pearlman, J. & Yang, B.
Imperfection Information, Optimal Monetary Policy and Informational Consistency

13/12 Cubi-Molla, P., De Vries, J. & Devlin, N.
A Study of the Relationship Between Health and Subjective Well-being in Parkinson's Disease Patients

13/11 Majewski, A. A., Bormetti, G. & Corsi, F.
Smile from the Past: a General Option Pricing Frameworkwith Multiple Volatility and Leverage Components

13/10 Montes-Rojas, G. & Galvao, A.
Informal Jobs and Trade Liberalisation in Argentina

13/09 Montes-Rojas, G. & Galvao, A.
Bayesian Endogeneity Bias Modeling

13/08 Boswijk, H. P. & Zu, Y.
Testing for Cointegration with Nonstationary Volatility

13/07 Ungureanu, S.
Dynamic Contracting under Permanent and Transitory Private Information

13/06 Auriol, E. & Mesnard, A.
Sale of Visas: a Smuggler's Final Song?

13/05 Djajic, S. & Mesnard, A.
Guest Workers in the Underground Economy

13/04 Yaman, F. & Taskin, A. A.
Homeownership and Unemployment Duration

13/03 Banal-Estanol, A., Jofre-Bonet, M. & Meissner, C.
The Double-Edged Sword of Industry Collaboration: Evidence from Engineering Academics in the UK

13/02 Cubi-Molla, P., Jofre-Bonet, M. & Serra-Sastre, V.
Adaptation to Health States: A Micro-Econometric Approach

13/01 Mainali, R. M., Jafarey, S. & Montes-Rojas, G.
Earnings and Social Background: An evaluation of caste/ethnic wage differentials in the Nepalese labor market

2012 discussion papers

12/10 Massol, O. & Tchung-Ming, S.
Joining the CCS Club! Insights from a Northwest European CO2 Pipeline Project

12/09 Ben-Gad, M.
On deficit bias and immigration

12/08 Iori, G. & Porter, J.
Agent-Based Modelling for Financial Markets

12/07 Goenka, A., Jafarey, S. & Pouliot, W.
Pollution, mortality and optimal environmental policy

12/06 Gabbi, G., Germano, G., Hatzopoulos, V., Iori, G. & Politi, M.
Market microstructure, bank's behaviour and interbank spreads

12/05 Kovaleva, P. & Iori, G.
Optimal Trading Strategies in a Limit Order Market with Imperfect Liquidity

12/04 Hatzopoulos, V. & Iori, G. 
Information theoretic description of the e-Mid interbank market: implications for systemic risk

12/03 Iori, G., Kapar, B. & Olmo, J.
The Cross-Section of Interbank Rates: A Nonparametric Empirical Investigation

12/02 Liudas Giraitis, George Kapetanios, Simon Price
Adaptive Forecasting in the presence of recent and ongoing structural change

12/01 Olivier Massol, Albert Banal-Estañol
Export diversification and resource-based industrialization: the case of natural gas

2011 discussion papers

11/10 Firat Yaman
The costs of adjusting labor: Evidence from temporally disaggregated data

11/09 Alexander M. Danzer, Firat Yaman
Ethnic concentration and language fluency of immigrants in Germany

11/08 Firat Yaman
Ethnic externalities and 2nd generation immigrants

11/07 Xeni Dassiou, D. Glycopantis
A tree formulation for signaling games

11/06 Laura Delaney, Jacco J.J. Thijssen
Valuing voluntary disclosure using a real options approach

11/05 Jane Eklund, George Kapetanios, Simon Price
Forecasting in the presence of recent structural change

11/04 Ibrahim Abada, Olivier Massol
Security of supply and retail competition in the European gas market: some model-based insights

11/03 Olivier Massol
A cost function for the natural gas transmission industry: further considerations

11/02 Burcu Kapar, Jose Olmo
The determinants of credit default swap spreads in the presence of structural breaks and counterparty risk

11/01 Giuseppe Coco, Giuseppe Pignataro
Perverse cross-subsidization in the credit market

2010 discussion papers

10/09 Werner Baer, Diego Margot, Gabriel Montes-Rojas
Argentina's Default and the Lack of Dire Consequences

10/08 Anil K. Bera, Antonio F. Galvao Jr., Gabriel V. Montes-Rojas, Sung Y. Park
Which Quantile is the Most Informative? Maximum Likelihood, Maximum Entropy and Quantile Regression

10/07 Tommaso Gabrieli, Antonio F. Galvao, Jr., Gabriel V. Montes-Rojas
Who benefits from reducing the cost of formality? Quantile regression discontinuity analysis

10/06 Gabriel V. Montes-Rojas
Nonparametric Estimation of ATE and QTE: An Application of Fractile Graphical Analysis

10/05 Giulia Iori and Gabriele Tedeschi
Herding Effects in Order Driven Markets: The Rise and Fall of Gurus

10/04 Tommaso Gabrieli
Diverse Societal Beliefs and Redistributive Policies, but Equal Welfare: The Trade-off Effect of Information

10/03 Andy Denis
A Century of Methodological Individualism Part 2: Mises and Hayek

10/02 Andy Denis
A Century of Methodological Individualism Part 1: Schumpeter and Menger

10/01 Joan Costa-Font and Mireia Jofre-Bonet
Body Image, Peer Effects and Food Disorders: Evidence from a Sample of European Women

2009 discussion papers

09/10 Jose Olmo, Keith Pilbeam and William Pouliot
Detecting the Presence of Informed Price Trading Via Structural
Break Tests

09/09 Jose Olmo
Extreme Value Theory Filtering Techniques for Outlier Detection

09/08 Nancy Devlin, Aki Tsuchiya, Ken Buckingham and Carl Tilling
A Uniform Time Trade Off Method for States Better and Worse than Dead: Feasibility Study of the 'Lead Time' Approach

09/07 Nancy Devlin, Aki Tsuchiya, Ken Buckingham and Carl Tilling
Does the Value of Quality of Life Depend on Duration?

09/06 Antonio F. Galvao, Jr. and Gabriel V. Montes-Rojas
Instrumental Variables Quantile Regression for Panel Data with Measurement Errors

09/05 Antonio F. Galvao, Jr., Gabriel V. Montes-Rojas and Jose Olmo
Threshold Quantile Autoregressive Models

09/04 Antonio F. Galvao, Jr., Gabriel V. Montes-Rojas and Sung Y. Park
Quantile Autoregressive Distributive Lag Model with an Application to House Price Returns

09/03 Nancy Devlin, David Parkin and John Browne
Using the EQ-5D as Performance Measurement Tool in the NHS

09/02 Michael Ben-Gad
The Two Sector Endogenous Growth Model: An Atlas

09/01 Esteban Jaimovich and Vincenzo Merella
The Role of Quality Ladders in a Ricardian Model of Trade

2008 discussion papers

08/15 Jose Olmo and William Pouliot
U-statistic Type Tests for Structural Breaks in Linear Regression Models

08/14 Albert Banal-Estañol, Mireia Jofre-Bonet and Cornelia Meissner
The Impact of Industry Collaboration on Academic Research Output: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis

08/13 Albert Banal-Estañol and Inés Macho-Stadler
Commerical Incentives in Academia

08/12 Saqib Jafarey
Glass Slippers and Glass Ceilings: A Positive Analysis of Gender Inequality and Marriage

08/11 Jesus Gonzalo and Jose Olmo
Testing Downside Risk Efficiency Under Market Distress

08/10 David Parkin, Nigel Rice and Nancy Devlin
Statistical Analysis of EQ-5D Profiles: Does the Use of Value Sets Bias Inference?

08/09 Jose Olmo and William Pouliot
Early Detection Techiques for Market Risk Failure

08/08 Oscar Martinez and Jose Olmo
A Nonlinear Threshold Model for the Dependence of Extremes of Stationary Sequences

08/07 Michael Ben-Gad
Analyzing Economic Policy Using High Order Perturbations

08/06 Xeni Dassiou and Jon Stern
Infrastructure Contracts: Trust and Institutional Updating

08/05 Michael Ben-Gad, Yakov Ben-Haim and Dan Peled
Allocating Security Expenditures under Knightian Uncertainty: an Info-Gap Approach

08/04 Carl Chiarella, Giulia Iori and Josep Perelló
The Impact of Heterogenous Trading Rules on the Limit Order Book and Order Flows

08/03 Giulia Iori and Christophe Deissenberg
An Analysis of Settlement Risk Contagion in Alternative Securities Settlement Architectures

08/02 Ken Buckingham and Nancy Devlin
A note on the nature of utility in time and health and implications for cost utility analysis

08/01 Gabriel V. Montes-Rojas
Robust misspecification tests for the Heckman's two-step estimator

2007 discussion papers

07/16 María D. C. García-Alonso and Begoña García-Mariñoso
The strategic interaction between firms and formulary committees: Effects on the prices of new drugs

07/15 George Kapetanios, Vincent Labhard and Simon Price
Forecasting using Bayesian and information theoretic model averaging: an application to UK inflation

07/14 Javier Coto-Martinez and Juan C. Reboredo
The Relative Price of Non-traded Goods in an Imperfectly Competitive Economy: Empirical Evidence for G7 Countries

07/13 Antonio Estache, Beatriz Tovar and Lourdes Trujillo
Are African Electricity Distribution Companies Efficient?  Evidence from the Southern African Countries

07/12 Rui Carvalho and Giulia Iori.
Socioeconomic Networks with Long-Range Interactions

07/11 Jose Olmo and J. Carlos Escanciano.
Estimation risk effects on back testing for parametric value-at-risk models

07/10 Jose Olmo and Keith Pilbeam.
A Resolution of the Forward Discount Puzzle

07/09 Albert Banal-Estañol and Inés Macho-Stadler.
Financial Incentives in Academia: Research versus Development

07/08 María Marianela González and Lourdes Trujillo. 
Efficiency measurement in the Port industry: A survey of the empirical evidence

07/07 Antonio Estache, Ana Goicoechea and Lourdes Trujillo. 
Utilities reforms and corruption in developing countries

07/06 Federica Maiorano and Jon Stern.
Institutions and Infrastructure Investment in Low and Middle-Income Countries: The Case of Mobile Communications

07/05 Lourdes Trujillo and Beatriz Tovar.
The European Port Industry: An Analysis of its Economic Efficiency

07/04 Beatriz Tovar, Sergio Jara-Díaz and Lourdes Trujillo.
Econometric Estimation of Scale and Scope Economies Within the Port Sector: A Review

07/03 Antonio Estache, Marianela González and Lourdes Trujillo.
Government Expenditures on Education, Health and Infrastructure: A Naïve Look at Levels, Outcomes and Efficiency

07/02 Jesus Gonzalo and José Olmo.
The Impact of Heavy Tails and Comovements in Downside-Risk Diversification

07/01 José Olmo.
An Asset Pricing Model for Mean-Variance-Downside-Risk Averse Investors

2006 discussion papers

06/11 Albert Banal-Estañol and Marco Ottaviani.
Bank Mergers and Diversification: Implications for Competition Policy

06/10 Giulia Iori and Ovidiu V Precup.
Weighted Network Analysis of High Frequency Cross-Correlation Measures
06/09 Vanessa Mattiusi and Giulia Iori.
Currency Futures Volatility during the 1997 East Asian Crisis: An Application of Fourier Analysis

06/08 Giulia de Masi, Giulia Iori and Guido Caldarelli.
A Fitness Model for the Italian Interbank Money Market

06/07 Albert Banal-Estañol, Paul Heidhues, Rainer Nitsche and Jo Seldeslachts.
Merger Clusters during Economic Booms

06/06 M Zia Sadique and M Niaz Asadullah.
Identifying the effect of public health programs on child immunisation in rural Bangladesh

06/05 Sofia Dimakou, David Parkin, Nancy Devlin and John Appleby.
The impact of government targets on waiting times for elective surgery: new insights from time-to-event analysis

06/04 Marc Jeannin, Giulia Iori and David Samuel.
Modeling Stock Pinning

06/03 Giulia Iori, Roberto Reno, Giulia de Masi and Guido Caldarelli.
Trading strategies in the Italian Interbank Market

06/02 Andy Denis.
The hypostatisation of the concept of equilibrium in neoclassical economics

06/01 Jose Olmo.
A New family of Estimators for the Extremal Index

2005 discussion papers

05/06 Jafarey, Saqib and Lahiri, Sajal.
Developing Country borrowing from a monopolistic lender:  Strategic interaction and endogenous leadership

05/05 Iori, Giulia, de Masi, G, Precup, OV, Gabbi, G,and Caldarelli, G.
A network analysis of the overnight money market

05/04 Precup, Ovidiu V and Iori, G.
Cross-correlation measures in the High-Frequency Domain

05/03 Sadique Z, Edmunds W J, Devlin N, Parkin D.
Understanding individuals' decisions about vaccination: a comparison between Expected Utility and Regret Theory models

05/02 Garcia-Alonso M, Garcia Mariñoso B.
The relationship of drug reimbursement with the price and the quality of pharmaceutical innovations

05/01 Asteriou D, Cubbin J, Jones I, Metcalfe P, Paredes D, Van der Veer J-P.
The demand for long distance travel in Great Britain: some new evidence

2004 discussion papers

04/10 Coto-Martinez J, Gariga C and Sanchez-Losada F.
Optimal taxation with imperfect competition and increasing returns to specialization

04/09 Macedo, L.
Regulation, competition and ownership in electricity distribution companies: the effects on efficiency

04/08 Burridge, P., Gjorstrup, F. and Taylor, A.M.R.
Robust inference on seasonal unit roots via a bootstrap applied to OECD macroeconomic series

04/07 Buckingham, K, Devlin, N and Tabberer, M.
A theoretical framework for TTO valuations and a taxonomy of TTO approaches: results from a pilot study

04/06 Legrenzi G. and Milas C.
Non-linear adjustments in fiscal policy

04/05 Martin C. and Milas C.
Uncertainty and UK Monetary Policy

04/04 Cubbin J. and Stern J.
Regulatory effectiveness: The impact of good regulatory governance on electricity Industry capacity and efficiency in developing countries

04/03 Parkin D. and Devlin N. 
Is there a case for using Visual Analogue Scale valuations in Cost Utility Analysis?

04/02 Brisson M. and Edmunds J.
Valuing the benefit of varicella vaccination. a comparison of willingness to pay and Quality-Adjusted Life Years

04/01 Stern, J. and Cubbin, J.
Regulatory Effectiveness: The impact of regulation and regulatory governance arrangements on electricity industry outcomes: a review paper

2003 discussion papers

03/10 Denis, A.
Two rhetorical strategies of laissez-faire

03/09 Denis, A.
Collective and individual rationality: Robert Malthus's heterodox theodicy

03/08 Milas, C.
Non-linear multivariate adjustment of the UK real exchange rate

03/07 Choi, C.J., Dassiou, X., Maldoom, D.
Trade and Linked Exchange; Price Discrimination Through Transaction Bundling

03/06 Agiomirgianakis, G., Asteriou, D., Papathoma, K.
The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: A Panel Data Study for the OECD Countries

03/05 Madsen, J., Milas, C.
The Price-Dividend Relationship in Inflationary and Deflationary Regimes

03/04 Salies, E., Waddams-Price, C.
Pricing Structures in the Deregulated UK Electricity Market

03/03 Andriesz, E., Asteriou, D., Pilbeam, K.
The linkage between financial liberalisation and economic development: empirical evidence from Poland

03/02 Moffatt, P.G., Salies, E. 
A note on the modelling of hyper-inflations

03/01 Devlin, N.J., Parkin, D.
Does NICE have a cost effectiveness threshold and what other factors influence its decisions? A discrete choice analysis