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About City

Economics Research

The Department of Economics has expanded since RAE 2008 through major investment in high-profile researchers. This has resulted in a research-focused department with two-thirds of the academic staff recruited since then.

Research in our department is structured around six main research groups, but we cover a wider array of research topics.

Main research groups

Our main research areas are in: (i) Health Economics, with its City Health Economics Centre (CHEC); (ii) Competition & Regulation, with its Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy; (iii) Financial Economics; (iv) Macroeconomics; (v) Economics of Migration; and (vi) Behavioural Economics. Please see below for a list of the other research interests of our staff.

The City Health Economics Centre (CHEC) develops and applies new quantitative research methods to inform policies in health and health care. CHEC is able to draw on expertise throughout City, including the School of Health Sciences, Cass Business School, the Centre for Food Policy, the Centre for Health Informatics and the Departments of Psychology and Sociology.

The Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy (CCRP) organises and hosts high level round table and special policy events (e.g. UK competition reforms, financial regulations) as well as closed policy events (e.g. water market reforms). Since 2012, the CCRP is the academic partner to the Institute of Economic Affairs in running and organising the Beesley Lectures, which feature outstanding addresses from leaders drawn from academia, government and industry on the most pressing issues in regulatory economics.

Other research areas

  • Development Economics: Saqib Jafarey, Alice Mesnard  and Tommaso Gabrieli (Visiting).
  • Economic History: Claudia Jefferies.
  • Econometrics: Alev Atak, and Yang Zu.
  • History and Philosophy of Economics: Andy Denis.
  • Labour Economics: Javier Ortega and Firat Yaman.
  • Microeconomics/Theory: Bruno Biais, Xeni Dassiou, Laura Delaney, Sotiis Georganas, Neelam Jain, Mireia Jofre-Bonet, Sergiu Ungureanu, Klaus Zauner, Tommaso Gabrieli (Visiting) and Dionysius Glycopantis (Emeritus).
  • Political Economy: Javier Ortega and Tommaso Gabrieli (Visiting).

Individual staff pages give details of current research and recent publications. Our research is also reported in our Discussion Paper series.

For enquiries about our research, please contact the Deputy Head for Research and Postgraduate Studies, Professor Joe Pearlman: joseph.pearlman.1@city.ac.uk.