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Labour market impact of immigration on natives

Academic: Javier Ortega

Name of project: The Impact of Immigration on the French Labour Market. Why so different

Subject: Migration and the economy

Summary: Javier Ortega does research on the labour market impact of immigration on natives, with past papers published in 4* or 3* journals such as The Economic Journal or Labour Economics. The findings of his paper “The Impact of Immigration on the French Labour Market. Why so different” (joint with Gregory Verdugo) have been widely echoed by the French press (Le Monde, Les Echos, Le Parisien, Mediapart, Le Huffington Post…) and were mentioned in background information to the programme of one of the candidates to the French 2012 Presidential election. Javier Ortega’s most recent paper (joint with Gregory Verdugo) in this area exploits a large administrative French panel data set for 1976-2007 to examine how low- educated immigration affects the wages, occupations and locations of natives’ workers. Unlike previous work, this paper focuses on very homogeneous groups of blue collar natives working initially in immigrant-intensive industries and who are thus more likely to compete with immigrants. The results of this paper have featured in Le Monde and were mentioned in a plenary session of the French Parliament.