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About City

About the School

A vibrant community

The School of Arts and Social Sciences at City is a cosmopolitan, outward-looking, internationally-excellent centre of research and learning on the human condition in all of its dimensions. Ours is a large and vibrant school with around 3,000 students (one third postgraduate) and 250 staff currently organised in seven academic departments: Economics, EnglishInternational PoliticsJournalism, Music, Sociology and Psychology .

Our mission

We aim to attract the best talent from all backgrounds and across the globe, to produce world-class research of benefit to society, to provide innovative and exciting programmes of study, and to enrich the lives and enhance the career prospects of our students.

Investing in Arts and Social Sciences

City is investing massively in the Arts and Social Sciences. Over the next five years, the School will increase academic staff and student numbers by a third, and develop research and teaching strengths in new subject areas at City – Politics and Modern History  We will also invest in becoming a major centre for quantitative social science in London.

School Leadership

Led by the Dean, the School leadership team is responsible for development and implementation of the School strategic plan, and the development of supporting initiatives to increase the intensity and quality of our research and enterprise, and improve our education provision.

School Leadership Team

Heads of Department