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About City

Sustainability Leaders (staff)

Are you interested in doing your bit to help the environment while helping City? Are you keen to get involved in some of City’s award-winning sustainability initiatives? Then this opportunity is for you.

What are Sustainability Leaders?

It is a network of staff volunteers located across the institution who are committed to making City a more sustainable place to work and study.

Students who are interested can join the Sustainability Leaders (students) programme instead.

Why do we need a network of volunteers?

Like all organisations, we have a significant impact on the environment.  Our energy consumption alone is equivalent to that of a small town.  Although we have implemented a number of energy-efficient and carbon-reduction measures and other initiatives to help improve City's environmental performance, we still need to raise awareness amongst our students, staff and visitors.  And that's where our Sustainability Leaders come in.

Sustainability Leaders will be instrumental in encouraging others to change the way they interact with the environment.

What will my role involve?

There are number of ways you can get involved.  You decide what works best for you, based on your availability and your particular areas of interest.

Activities include:

  • Acting as the ‘green champion’ for your office or department, helping to raise awareness on environmental and other sustainability issues at City, and encouraging colleagues to practice more environment-friendly behaviours (such as recycling, reducing paper usage, or switching off equipment when not in use).
  • Helping to disseminate information and advice from the Sustainability Team to your colleagues and acting as the liaison between them and the Sustainability Team on matters concerning the environment.
  • Running your own sustainability project.  Limited funding will be made available for Leaders who wish to run their own projects.  Previous projects have included the City vegetable garden, Pondlife at Cass, and the Library Book Exchange run by the Student Centre.
  • Encouraging colleagues to participate in the new Sustainable City Challenge activities and contests.  The more staff that participate in these activities, the more chances you have of winning prizes and awards for your department.
  • Volunteering to help out with Sustainable City events and campaigns.

How many Sustainability Leaders do we have now?

At present we have around 60 staff volunteers signed up across all areas of the institution.  There can never be too many volunteers, so please do consider joining us if you’re interested.

Are there any meetings or other time requirements?

Update meetings and social events will normally be held at least once per term in order to network, share ideas and celebrate everyone’s efforts.  Occasional training workshops may also be offered, but these are optional.

An annual Sustainable City Awards celebration luncheon will take place in the summer to reward all the volunteers for their contributions and to celebrate the winners of the Sustainable City Challenge.

What are the benefits for me?

In addition to helping City reduce its carbon footprint and improve its environmental and sustainability performance, you'll also be gaining valuable skills that will benefit you in the future (all of which will look good on your CV, by the way), not to mention the sense of pride you'll feel at doing your part to help save the planet by encouraging others to practice greener behaviour.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in becoming a Sustainability Leader for your office or department, then please contact the Sustainability Team at sustainable_city@city.ac.uk. We can always use your help!