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WC2 University Network

World Class Universities in World Cities.

The WC2 University Network has been developed with the goal of bringing together top universities located in the heart of major world cities in order to address cultural, environmental and political issues of common interest to world cities and their universities.

By promoting closer interaction between universities, local government and business communities, WC2 will help to create a forum where universities can be more responsive to the needs of their stakeholders in the context of world cities.

Each of the founding members will bring together local expertise in issues of common interest to world cities such as:

  • Transport
  • Global Health
  • Sustainability
  • Business
  • Cultural/Creative Industries

By making WC2 international in character, we aim to advance understanding and recognition of the role of universities in world cities and the matters that are of common interest to them, not only locally, but internationally through collaboration.

It is hoped that the flow of staff, students and information across borders and through levels of local government will result in a more comprehensive understanding of world cities, their universities and how they may impact and aid each other.

WC2 Member Universities are:

  • At the heart of a world city and recognized locally as a major university
  • Committed to international activities
  • Cosmopolitan in perspective and strategic direction
  • Committed to close and intense two-way interaction with their local society and economy
  • Strong academically, and in research, in areas particularly relevant to world cities
  • Driven to meet the development of new areas of knowledge and technology
  • Civically engaged with the broader community in the public and private sectors
  • Committed to act as a local hub for the WC2 network
  • Open to involving others in their city (business, community organizations, city hall etc) in WC2
  • Endorsed projects including relevant collaboration with other experts.
  • The WC2 network was established in September 2010, with two meetings per year. The network will have a maximum number of 15 members.

For further information please visit the WC2 website