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  1. Coronavirus guidance for research
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Coronavirus guidance for face-to-face research

In light of COVID-19, we have implemented restrictions on research involving face-to-face interaction with research participants. Below you can see how this may affect you.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research

The institution is taking a series of measures to ensure the continued safety of its staff and students. With this in mind, it has been agreed that UG and PG students should not undertake research projects which require face-to-face interactions with participants, and the mode of data collection should continue to take place online, using telephone or platforms such as Teams/Zoom interviews or focus groups, online surveys or data collection through other social media.

Exception: Where there is an expectation of external professional bodies that research will include face-to-face interaction, this will need to be discussed within the School with the Dean and COO. Advice can be sought from the institution if necessary.

Staff and Doctoral Student Research

The judgement if a study should go ahead should be made in conjunction with the School and the Health and Safety Office, before an application is submitted for ethical review.

Opening of labs to reinstate face-to-face research will have to be discussed locally with the COO and PAF and follow the university’s guidance on social distancing on campus. In addition, a risk assessment must be undertaken with the Health and Safety Office before any research can restart.

Where research is conducted ‘off campus’ researchers will have to consider how to apply the social distancing and mitigation controls to their particular research activity and research setting (e.g. protests, domestic settings, in the street). Each project application should now have a risk assessment that shows what is being done to address COVID risks.

If the study is taking place in an external institution, that institution’s guidelines must be followed unless that institution’s guidelines are less rigorous than City’s guidelines on social distancing.

Please ask your health and safety officer in your School/Department with the completion of the risk assessment.

Please download the risk assessment and the social distancing guidance (internal access).

Ethics approval

Lifting of suspensions or new ethics applications involving face-to-face interaction with research participants will only be considered once the approval from the School has been obtained and a risk assessment has been undertaken (Risk assessment form to be attached to the ethics application).

Please ensure that you provide the participants with information about City’s guidelines on social distancing, e.g. asking participants if they have had any symptoms in the last two weeks.

Please upload your risk assessment in the Health and Safety tab on REO.