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About City

Our strategic priorities: Living the values

The desire for a renewed emphasis on staff engagement, valuing and supporting over 2,000 people who work at City and have been key to City’s tremendous transformation over the past six years, was the most striking message from an extensive staff engagement programme run as part of the development of this Vision & Strategy 2026. Valuing and supporting students and staff to give of their best will be key to City’s success over the next decade.

Engagement remains challenging in a sector where the Government has signalled further change through a more transparent and dynamic market and all of this within a central London commuter university with a highly devolved structure. That is the nature of the challenge but City will continue to attract and retain outstanding people and develop their knowledge, capabilities and skills.

There are five guiding values underpinning the Vision & Strategy 2026. City is committed to being:

  • Ambitious – a place where people seek new challenges and go the extra mile to achieve the strategic priorities set out in Vision & Strategy 2026 through the implementation of their School or Professional Service Strategic Plan;
  • Collaborative – a place where successes are shared and problems are solved by working together for the common good;
  • A Community – a place where people have pride in their institution, are respectful, know and are concerned for each other;
  • Diverse & inclusive – a place where diversity is a strength and inclusiveness is promoted proactively, with an initial focus on gender equality as City’s most pressing challenge;
  • Organisationally self-confident – a place that knows its strengths and is open about and strives to address its weaknesses.

Throughout the various engagement activities that have fed into Vision & Strategy 2026, people said they expected to see guiding values embedded eventually within the organisational culture, including through leadership behaviour, the appraisal system and as the basis for reward and recognition.

City has committed to implement an Organisational Development Framework to support work on the staff equality issues that form the bedrock of a diverse and inclusive institution.”

Living these guiding values day-to-day is the responsibility of all of us at City but we recognise that some focused action is required if a change is to be achieved.

Dr Anastasia Nesvetailova talkingAlongside the work of the Equality Committee, many teams at City are focused on supporting staff and students to succeed in their work and studies. New priorities suggested by people who identify with protected characteristics including disability, ethnicity, faith and sexual orientation will continue to be channelled through and coordinated by the Equality Committee as it develops an Equality Strategic Plan. City has committed to implement an Organisational Development Framework to support work on the staff equality issues that form the bedrock of a diverse and inclusive institution. Leadership training is being provided, which is vital for City’s future transformation in this and other areas.

City has established a Gender Equality project as an initial priority and as a step towards gender mainstreaming, City made an application for Athena SWAN bronze accreditation in November 2016. The ambition is to have all Schools achieve individual Athena SWAN awards and for City to progress to a Silver Athena SWAN Award after four years. We are focusing initially on gender equality as one of the immediate challenges but the Action Plan will bring broader benefits to people at City. In addition, the Equality Strategic Plan will include a wider range of work and other initiatives, such as the Equality Challenge Unit’s Race Charter.