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About City


Validation is a process whereby City recognises the quality and standards of programmes delivered and designed by an approved institution as equivalent to its own. Successful students receive a certificate, diploma or degree from City.

Through validation, City:

  • Establishes links with a range of primarily London-based, high-profile institutions
  • Broadens the base of academic awards made in its name
  • Enables other forms of collaboration
  • Facilitates mutual educational development
  • Widens its reputation

The Academic Director (Collaborative Provision) provides academic leadership for the City's validation portfolio. Course Board Chairs oversee the academic development of each validation.

The Collaborative Provision Committee advises the Academic Director (Collaborative Provision) in this work. Student and Academic Services provides administrative management for the validation portfolio.

The Validation and Institutional Partnerships Handbook provides the framework for managing validation activity. In addition, a Guide for Students on Validated Programmes is produced annually for students studying on a validated programme.

The Policy on Validation sets out City's principles for forming validation partnerships and the criteria that are used to evaluate validation requests.

Our list of validated provision can be found in our Collaborative Provision Register.