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Partnerships as a term encompasses all collaborative activity except validation. Partnership provision usually involves the award of City, University of London credit or awards.

Developing Partnerships

The approval of partnerships and the development of programmes specific to a partnership is a two-tiered system. There are also additional areas to be considered during the Stage A and B programme approval process. Information on all these stages can be found here.

Stage A

Stage A is the initial approval stage for partnership programmes and is designed to enable an initial evaluation of a credit or award-bearing Collaborative Provision proposal.  It is undertaken at both an Academic School-level via PARC prior to detailed discussions taking place with the proposed partner.  Stage A focuses on the compatibility of the proposed partner with City, an initial outline of the proposal and any associated risks.

Once School PARC conditions are met, Collaborative Provision proposals are forwarded to the Assistant Registrar (Partnerships and Academic Development) in Student and Academic Services for review by the University Strategic Partnerships Approval & Review Committee - USPARC).

Stage B Approval

After all of the Stage A conditions have been responded to, the proposal is considered by School PARC for School Stage B approval.   Academic Partnership Coordinators will complete the Stage B forms in liaison with the School PARC Secretary and School Head of Academic Services.

A member of the partner institution may be required to attend the School Stage B PARC meeting, if appropriate to the nature of the partnership.  Partner institution representation at the PARC meeting will be agreed in liaison with Student and Academic Services.

Academic Partnership Coordinator

Each programme involving partnership provision will have a link tutor who will oversee the academic development of the programme and act as the main point of contact between City and the Partner Institution.  The role is a flexible one as the amount of time required will vary depending on the partner and the complexity of the provision.  In the event of a Partner Institution having a large number of programmes or being spread across more than one School, there would be the potential for more than one Academic Partnership Coordinator.  A role profile for Academic Partnership Coordinators is available here.

General information

Section 3: Programme Development, Approval and Amendment and Section 10: Partnership Provision of the Quality Manual includes the information staff need to develop a programme which involves partnership provision.