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Partnerships as a term encompasses all collaborative activity except validation. Partnership provision usually involves the award of City, University of London credit or awards.

Stage 0

In advance of the usual processes for programme approval, schools and departments considering developing programmes with partnerships provision will need to complete the Stage 0 approval process. There are also additional areas to be considered during the Stage 1 and 2 programme approval process. Information on all three stages can be found here.

Academic Partnership Coordinator

Each programme involving partnership provision will have a link tutor who will oversee the academic development of the programme and act as the main point of contact between City and the Partner Institution.  The role is a flexible one as the amount of time required will vary depending on the partner and the complexity of the provision.  In the event of a Partner Institution having a large number of programmes or being spread across more than one School, there would be the potential for more than one Academic Partnership Coordinator.  A role profile for Academic Partnership Coordinators is available here.

General information

Section 3: Programme Development, Approval and Amendment and Section 10: Partnership Provision of the Quality Manual includes the information staff need to develop a programme which involves partnership provision.