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Programme Handbook Template Explanatory Notes for Collaborative Provision

For programmes involving collaborative provision a number of additional areas need to be reflected within the Programme Handbook.  The content will vary depending on the nature of the collaborative provision (details of the types of partnership arrangements and the overall partnerships policy can be found in Section 10 of the Quality Manual).  It is important that students are provided with clear information about what they can expect from which partner and what this means in terms of the consideration of their achievement and their final award.  Additional areas of information that need to be included are:

  • The nature of the partnership.
  • Rights of access to learning support resources at the partner and at City.
  • Mechanisms for complaints, appeals, disciplinary cases and academic misconduct - particularly the different responsibilities of the partner and City and which institution's procedures apply at which point.  The partner's procedures should be included as well as City's complaints procedures if relevant.
  • Student registration and other administrative matters such as the payment of fees.
  • Details of the award students will receive.
  • Arrangements for assessments and the consideration of student achievement. Please note that Validated Institutions should also amend the standard text to reflect any different structures and/or different processes.

The information on all these arrangements should reflect the information in the Memorandum of Agreement.