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Programme Handbook Template

The Programme Handbook Template for 2020/21 is provided as a Word document below and should be used to support the development of Programme Handbooks.  A summary of specific changes to the template text for 2020/21 is also available below.

For some sections, standard text is provided for inclusion in Programme Handbooks, which should be customised to the specific programme/discipline where this is recommended or required.  Where no text is provided, this should be developed by the Programme Director and/or Programme Team.  Some non-exhaustive guidance of what to include has been provided to support the development of this text.  Text that will need to be inserted/revised is highlighted in the template in yellow.

Please ensure that information included in Programme Handbooks is accurate as this forms what is, in effect, a contract with students.  Programme and module specifications should be included in full and should not be abbreviated to ensure consistency as they are the definitive programme documents.

Explanatory notes on the use of the template for collaborative provision including additional areas that need to be covered are available through the relevant link below.

Other sources of information

Other sources of information that might be helpful for Programme Directors when developing the Programme Handbook include: