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Conditions of Use

There are a number of rules that you must both be aware of and abide by if you wish to make use of the Computing Services' facilities. The Conditions of Use for Computers and the Network are the primary rules for use and form part of City's conditions of employment and student regulations.

The Conditions of Use, which apply to the use of all computers within City, refer to a number of Acts of Parliament and you would be advised to familiarise yourself with the requirements of each. Similarly there are a number of internal policies referred to and accessible from the Conditions.

City is connected to the Internet via the Joint Academic Network (JANET). JANET has its own Acceptable Use Policy issued by the United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association. In addition City's Email and Internet Acceptable Use Policies give further guidance as to acceptable behaviour when using the internet.

Further, users of all Information Services' facilities are bound by the Information Services Code of Conduct which is intended to ensure that all users have a secure and pleasant environment in which to work.