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About City

City University London Publication Scheme

Most information is available online, however in a few cases, information may only be available in hard copy. If you cannot find the information you are looking for and it falls under one of the headings outlined in the Scheme, please contact us and we will normally provide you with the information requested within 5 working days.

Who we are and what we do

How the institution is organised

Information relating to the legal and corporate status of the institution can be found in the governance section of our website.

Location and contact details

Our address is:

City, University of London
Northampton Square
London EC1V OHB
United Kingdom

Information on our campus and buildings can be found in the Maps section of our website.

Lists of and information relating to organisations which the University has responsibility for, those it works in partnership with, those it sponsors and companies wholly owned by it.

Student activities

Our Students' Union website is at www.culsu.co.uk.

Information on students' clubs, societies and non-academic activities.

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information can be found in the Finance section of our website.

Funding / income

Information on the sources of funding and income, such as Funding Council grants, tuition fees, endowment, rents and investment income (including investment strategy).

Budgetary and account information

Information on major plans for capital expenditure including any public private partnership contracts.

Procurement, Tenders and Suppliers

  • Register of suppliers
  • Procurement and tender procedures and reports
  • Contracts

The above information can be found in the Commercial section of our website.

  • Research funding

Information about Government, Research Councils, European, international and industrial funding for research together with information about the management of research accounts.

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.

This will include information such as the annual monitoring and review process together with a statement of roles, responsibilities and authority of different bodies within the institution involved in programme approval and review.

  • Corporate relations

Information on professional development can be found in the Business Services section of our website.

  • Government and regulatory reports

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) (external link)

How we make decisions

Decision making processes and records of decisions

  • Minutes from governing body, Council / Senate, academic boards and steering groups

The above information can be found in the Governance section of our website.

  • Teaching and learning committee minutes
  • Minutes of staff / student consultation meetings
  • Appointment committees and procedures

The above information can be found in the Education section of our website.

Our policies and procedures

  • Policies and procedures for conducting business at the University

The above information can be found in the City Information section of our website.

  • Procedures and policies relating to academic services

The above information can be found in the Education section of our website.

  • Procedures and policies relating to student services

Our website includes information on Services for Students and Student Administration.

  • Procedures and policies relating to human resources, equality and diversity, health and safety and recruitment

The above information can be found in the Working at City section of our website.

  • Estate management

The above information can be found in the City and the Built Environment section of our website.

  • Complaints policy

Complaints relating to Data Protection and Freedom of Information should be made to: the Head of Information Compliance & Policy, City, University of London, EC1V 0HB. Tel: 020 7040 4000. Email FOI@city.ac.uk.

  • Records management and personal data policies

The Legal section of our website includes information on data protection, records management and privacy.

  • Research policy and strategy

The Research section of our website includes information on our research policy and strategy

  • Charging regimes and policies

Details of any statutory charging regimes should be provided. Charging policies should include charges made for information routinely published and clearly state what costs are to be recovered together with the basis on which they are made and how they are calculated.

Lists and registers

We expect this to be information contained only in currently maintained lists and registers.

  • Any information we are currently legally required to hold in publicly available registers
  • Asset registers

We would not expect universities to publish all details from all asset registers. We would expect some information from capital asset registers, including landholdings, to be available.

  • Disclosure logs

Where a university produces a disclosure log indicating the information that has been provided in response to request it should be readily available. Disclosure logs are themselves recommended as good practice.

  • Register of gifts and hospitality provided to senior personnel
  • Any register of interests kept in the university

The services we offer: