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Fee Assessment

Admissions Staff in Schools and Departments are responsible for the determination of an applicant's fee status for the purpose of tuition fee payments for Postgraduate applicants. City's Admissions Office is responsible for all Undergraduate fee assessments.

Regulations for assessing an applicant's fee status are determined by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, under Schedule 1 of The Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations (Statutory Instrument 1997, No. 1972) and as amended (Statutory Instrument 2007, No. 779) and by the Education (Fees and Awards) Act 1983.

It is the policy of the UK Government that students classified as 'overseas' should not have the cost of their education subsidised from public money, but should be expected to meet the full costs of their study in the United Kingdom.

City, University of London takes its commitment to apply the law and defined regulations in a fair, equitable and above all consistent way from School to School, and from academic year to academic year very seriously. As part of that commitment, City also understands its responsibility to confirm documentary evidence from applicants confirming a specific immigration status in order to support our commitment to a fair fee assessment process in line with the regulations and with the law.

Assessing an applicant's fee status

The following breakdown of the regulations is not a full and authoritative interpretation of the law. School admissions staff and potential applicants are advised to consult with the Central Admissions Office in any instance where they are unclear on an applicant's fee status or which category they should be assessed under, or if they wish to question a decision made regarding their fee status.

It is not the practice of the Central Admissions Office to decide or communicate fee statuses to applicants prior to application or decision. Whereas we will offer advice based on the breakdown of the regulations below, we will not confirm a fee status unless an offer has been made to an applicant. The Central Admissions Office strongly urge schools and departments to follow a similar practice.

Sometimes there may be anomalies between an applicants immigration status and fee assessment. Schools and departments are urged not to advise applicants on immigration issues. There may also be anomalies between an applicant's fee status in Further Education (6th Form College etc) and Higher Education. This is due to the differences in funding regulations.

Under the regulations, an applicant will be liable for payment of tuition fees at the higher 'overseas' rate unless:

  • a)   They have a relevant connection with the UK


  • b)    They are regarded as an excepted student under the regulations.