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About City

Financial Summary

City, University of London Financial Statements 2017/18

Income: £241.2M

Where does our funding come from?

Expenditure: £228.8M

What is our funding spent on?

Schools                                                             Professional Services and corporate costs

£241.2M Income – £228.8M Expenditure = Operating surplus £12.4M

What are undergraduate fees spent on?

Why does the University need to make an operating surplus?

To generate the necessary level of funds to:

  • Ensure that the University’s activities remain financially sustainable in the long term.

  • Ensure that the University has sufficient resources available to replace, improve and invest in its physical assets in order to achieve its academic strategy.

  • Allow investment for items such as additional staff, facilities and services.

  • Mitigate against unforeseen events that might jeopardise the financial health of the University in the short term.