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About City

Equality Objective 2016-21

As a Higher Education Institution we have specific equality duties, as outlined by the Equality Act (2010). These require public authorities to tackle discrimination, victimisation and harassment, advance equality and foster good relations. It is also our responsibility to publish our equality information on an annual basis to review and publish specific and measurable equality objectives every four years. City has set a number of Equality Objectives and progress on these are published and reviewed annually in our Staff and Student Equality Monitoring Reports which can be found here.

Staff Equality and Diversity

Objective 1

To promote Gender Equality and impact positively on other equality areas, including intersectionality, in order to build and maintain an inclusive environment that supports and values the diversity of students, staff and the wider community.

Arising from the Athena SWAN Bronze Award and Action Plan, there are two Performance Indicators that support this objective:

Performance Indicator 1. Increasing the representation of women in senior roles:

  • The proportion (of base population) of Professorial staff will be  ~30%  women by 2020/21
  • The proportion of Grade 9 Professional Services staff will be ~50% women by 2020/21.

Performance Indicator 2. Increasing the representation of women on executive/institutional committees:

  • We expect diverse membership on our executive/institutional committees, with a minimum of 30% women and 30% men on each committee.

Objective 2

  • To consider and prepare for the Equality Challenge Unit’s Race Equality Charter with a view to submitting an application by 2021.

Student Equality and Diversity

This is currently under review and will be updated soon.