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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion data

Equality Act 2010 and Public Sector Equality Duties

The public sector equality duty (PSED) came into force on the 5 April 2010. This page sets out the aims of the general equality duty of the PSED and displays information which demonstrates City's compliance with the specific duties required to enact the general equality duty.

Aims of the General Duty

In the exercise of their functions public authorities of which City is one, must have due regard to the need to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other conduct prohibited by the Act
  • Advance equality of opportunity between people who do and do not share a protected characteristic
  • Foster good relations between people who do and do not share a protected characteristic.

Specific Duties

The equality duty is supported by the specific duties and revised on the 10 September 2011. Under this provision public authorities must for staff, students and the community it serves:

  • Publish information demonstrating compliance with the general equality duty across its functions on an annual basis with effect from 31 January 2012
  • Set and publish equality objectives at least every four years with effect from 6 April 2012.

Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting

In 2017 the government created new legislation, which requires all organisations employing over 250 staff to publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap.

The gender pay gap is the difference between the average earnings of men and women, expressed relative to men’s earnings.

City’s gender pay gap report provides information on the gender proportions and pay quartiles of staff, as well as actions to address the pay gap.

Download City's gender pay gap report 2019

Download City’s gender pay gap report 2018

Download City's gender pay gap report 2017

Equality Impact Assessments

An Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is a tool to help Universities ensure that their policies, practices and decisions are fair, meet the needs of their staff and students, and that they are not inadvertently discriminating against any protected group, under the Equality Act 2010.

In order to assist and guide Schools and Professional Services in assessing the impact of their policies, processes and practices on staff and students, which hold one or more protected characteristics, City has developed an EIA Guidance and Process.

The EIA Guidance and Process provides a practical framework to be used by staff undertaking an EIA, at Departmental, School, Directorate and Institutional levels. The Guidance aims to ensure that City’s commitment to equality and diversity is realised within all of its policies and processes.

Reporting and Publication

Completed EIA’s will be reviewed by the Equality Committee on a termly basis. Following review by the Equality Committee, the report will be published on City’s website.

Equality and Diversity Data and Reporting

The commentary and data outlined below shows City, University of London's activity and monitoring information.

City is committed to further improving/extending the gathering of data across its functions to enable continued monitoring of the impact of decisions and practices on those who share protected characteristics.

Staff and Student Data

Annual Reports