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About City

Senate members

The current membership of the Senate is as follows:

Ex-officio members - staff

Professor Sir Paul Curran
Professor Sir Paul Curran - Chair of Senate, President
President Professor Sir Paul Curran joined City in 2010 having served as Vice-Chancellor at Bournemouth University and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Southampton.
Read more about Professor Sir Paul Curran

Professor David Bolton Professor David Bolton - Deputy President
Deputy President Professor David Bolton has held several posts at City and prior to his current appointment was Dean of the School of Informatics until 2008 and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching).
Read Professor David Bolton's biography.

Professor Andrew Jones Professor Andrew Jones- Vice-President (Research and Enterprise)
Professor Andrew Jones is an inter-disciplinary social scientist with a background as an economic geographer. He became the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise in March 2016 and in September of that year became Vice-President.
Read Professor Jones's biography.

Professor Zoe Radnor Professor Zoe Radnor - Vice-President (Strategy and Planning)
Professor Zoe Radnor is Vice-President (Strategy and Planning) a
Read Professor Radnor's biography.

Professor Miguel Mera Professor Miguel Mera – Chair of Board of Studies in Arts & Social Sciences
Professor Miguel Mera is interim Dean of the School of Arts & Social Sciences
Read Professor Miguel Mera's biography.

Professor Poalo Volpin Professor Poalo Volpin – Chair of Board of Studies in Business Studies
Professor Volpin is interim Dean of Cass Business School.
Read Professor Poalo Volpin's biography.

Professor Rajkumar Roy Professor Rajkumar Roy  – Chair of Board of Studies in Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering.
Professor Roy is  Dean of the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering.
Read Professor Rajkumar Roy's biography.

Professor Andrew Stockley  Professor Andrew Stockley – Chair of Board of Studies in City Law School
Professor Stockley is  Dean of the Law School.

Professor Susannah Quinsee Professor Susannah Quinsee - Chair of Board of Studies in Learning Development
Professor Susannah Quinsee is Director of Learning Development and Chair in Learning and Teaching Development at City.
Read Professor Quinsee's biography.

Dr Lorna Ryan - (Interim) Chair of Research Ethics Committee
Dr Ryan is the Chair of the Research Ethics Committee.
Read Dr Ryan's biography.

Professor Laurence Solkin, Chair of the Collaborative Provision Committee
Professor Solkin is Deputy Dean of the School of Arts & Social Sciences
Read Laurence Solkin's biography.

Ms Susannah Marsden Ms Susannah Marsden - Director of Student & Academic Services
Susannah is Director of Student and Academic Services. She has responsibility for the majority of City's academic administration and student services and also supports City's Executive Team in the development and implementation of the Education and Student Strategy and student experience. Susannah has successfully overseen two QAA Reviews and managed a review of undergraduate education. She is currently leading a transformation project to modernise the infrastructure of the student and academic administration. Her contribution to City has been marked by the institution via the Robert Kitchin Award and by the Students' Union through an Order of the Noble Carrot Award. Outside City, Susannah is Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees of the National Centre for Circus Arts. She is also a Governor of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, which includes RADA and LAMDA. She has made significant contributions to leadership and governance reviews, sat on Audit Committee, been a member of Strategic Plan Working Groups and been on the appointment panels for senior staff. Susannah is a musician and has performed and recorded in a variety of groups and venues including for the BBC. She holds BSc (Hons) and MA degrees.

Professor Debra Salmon Professor Debra Salmon, Chair of Board of Studies in Health Sciences
Professor Debra Salmon is the Dean of the School of Health Sciences.
Professor Debra Salmon's biography.

Non ex-Officio members of Senate - staff

Professor Charles Baden-Fuller - Business
Charles Baden-Fuller is the Centenary Professor of Strategy and leader of the Strategy Group at Cass.
Find out more about Professor Baden-Fuller.

Professor Susan Blake - Law
Professor Susan Blake is Associate Dean of The City Law School.
Read Professor Blake's biography

Professor Jean ChalabyProfessor Jean Chalaby – Professor of International Communication, Arts & Social Sciences
Read Professor Jean Chalaby's biography.

Dr Xeni DassiouDr Xeni Dassiou – Reader in Economics, Arts & Social Sciences
Read Dr Xeni's biography.

Dr Rachel Cohen Dr Rachel Cohen - Arts & Social Sciences
Dr Rachel Cohen is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology.
Read Dr Cohen's biography.

Professor Elena NovelliProfessor Elena Novelli – Associate Professor (Reader) in Strategy, Business
Read Professor Elena Novelli's biography.

Dr Anton CoxDr Anton Cox - Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering
Read Dr Dr Anton Cox's biography.

Dr Deborah Rafalin is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Arts & Social Sciences
Read Dr Dr Deborah Rafalin's biography.

Ms Alison CouttsMs Alison Coutts – Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences
Read Ms Coutts' biography.

Dr Mazen MasriDr Mazen Masri – Senior Lecturer in Law and Deputy Associate Dean
Read Dr Masri's' biography.

Dr David Flinton Dr David Flinton is the Associate Dean, Education (Quality and Student Experience)
Read Dr Flinton's' biography.

Ms Lucy MyersMs Lucy Myers – Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences
Read Ms Myer's biography.

Dr Richard GoodeyDr Richard Goodey – Deputy Head of Engineering
Read Dr Goodey's' biography.

Mr Keith Simpson - Law
Mr Keith Simpson is a Senior Lecturer in The City Law School.
Read Mr Simpson's biography.

Visiting Academic Staff
Mr Liam Devine

Student members

Ms Tuna Kunt  - Students' Union President

Mr Saqlain Riaz- Students' Union Vice-President Education 

Ms Rania Salim  - Students' Union Vice-President Community and Wellbeing

Ms Anne Onwusiri - Postgraduate Taught Student Representative

Mr Soheil Ahmadi  - Research Student Representative