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About City

Remuneration Committee

Remuneration Committee determines the terms and conditions of the President and the senior management team. It also keeps under review all other high earning staff. It is responsible for approving all severance arrangements for all staff falling into the Office for Students requirement.

The powers, terms of reference and composition of Remuneration Committee are set out in the Ordinances.

The current membership of Remuneration Committee is as follows:

Independent Council members

  • Ms Kru Desai
  • Ms Janet Legrand
  • Sir John Low (Chair)
  • Ms Julia Palca

Co-opted member

  • Mr Peter Blausten

In attendance

  • Professor Sir Paul Curran, President
  • Dr William Jordan, College Secretary
  • Ms Mary Luckiram, Director of Human Resources
  • Ms Alexandra Angus, Reward Manager
  • Ms Katharyn Kingwill, Committee Secretary
  • Mr Peter Smith, Korn Ferry Hay Group

Minutes of Meetings

Open minutes of the Remuneration Committee meeting held on 24th October 2018
Open minutes of the Remuneration Committee meeting held on 7th June 2018

President Expenses