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Senior Tutor for Research Forum


To propose recommendations to APPSC on the development and application of institutional policy and procedure for research degree provision to assure quality and standards of research degree programmes awarded in the name of the University. To further propose recommendations to APPSC on the enhancement of research degree provision across the University in support of student experience.

Terms of Reference

a) To contribute to the ongoing review of policies and procedures in support of research students at the University to ensure that they are effective and efficient;
b) To consider ways of improving the annual monitoring and reporting of research degree programmes at both School and University level;
c) To contribute to the clarification of information provided to research students (including the Research Studies Handbook) and to academic and administrative staff involved in supporting research degree provision;
d) To agree induction arrangements for research students, at both School and University level;
e) To make recommendations on how to enhance the research environment across Schools to promote parity of experience and to build a stronger sense of a research community;
f) To consider the development and enhancement of training provision for research students;
g) To consider the development and enhancement of training provision and support arrangements for supervisors;
h) To consider ways of reviewing and monitoring supervisory loads across all Schools;
i) To consider ways of developing feedback mechanisms for research students;
j) To review the appropriateness of careers support for research students and the management of research student alumni;
k) To identify areas of good practice in the support and development of the research student experience that could be adopted across the University.


Equality and Diversity statement

City, University of London is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all its activities, processes, and culture, under its Public Sector Equality Duties and the Equality Act 2010.  This includes promoting equality and diversity for all, irrespective of any protected characteristic, working pattern, family circumstance, socio-economic background, political belief or other irrelevant distinction.

Diverse membership of all committees is expected.  Wherever possible membership will consist of at least 30% women and 30% men and representation of other protected groups will be actively considered. Where this has not been met committees should be able to demonstrate what action has been taken to achieve this target.

Job Title

Chair of Senior Tutors for Research Forum

Academic Lead for Research Degrees

Professor Martin Caraher

Senior Tutors for Research

Arts (Music)

Dr Laudan Nooshin

Arts (Journalism)

Professor Howard Tumber

Arts (Cultural Policy and Management)

Dr Dave O'Brien

Cass (Management)

Professor Vanelis Souitaris

Cass (Faculty)

Professor Ian Marsh

Engineering & Mathematical Sciences

Dr Youyou Yan

Health Sciences (Optometry)

Professor John Barbur

Health Sciences (Nursing)

Professor Dinah Gould

Health Sciences (Language and Communication Science)

Dr Nicola Botting

Dr Katerina Hilari

Health Sciences (Food Policy)

Professor Martin Caraher/

Professor Tim Lang

Health Sciences (Radiography)


Health Sciences (Public Health and Primary Care)

Professor Ros Bryar

Health Sciences (Midwifery)

Professor Christine McCourt

Health Sciences (Mental Health)

Dr Julia Jones

Health Sciences (Health Services Research)

Dr Shashi Hirani

Health Sciences (Sexual Health)

Dr Eamonn McKeown

Informatics (Centre for Health Informatics)

Dr Peter Weller

Informatics (Cenre for Software Reliability)

Dr Christina Gacek

Informatics (Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design)

Ms Stephanie Wilson

Informatics (Information Science)

Dr Andy Macfarlane

Informatics (Computing)

Dr Artur Garcez

Law School

Professor Ian Loveland

Social Sciences (International Politics)

Dr Sara Silvestri

Dr Anastasia Nesvetailova

Social Sciences (Psychology)

Dr Sebastian Gaigg

Associate Deans (Research Students) or Associate Deans (Research)


Professor Dermot Bowler, Associate Dean (Research Students)


Professor Igor Filatotchev

Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Professor Nicos Karcanias, Associate Dean (Research)

Health Sciences

Professor Carol Cox, Associate Dean (Research and Enterprise)


Stephanie Wilson, Associate Dean (Research and Students)


Professor Lorna Woods, Associate Dean (Research)

Social Sciences

Professor Dermot Bowler, Associate Dean (Research Students)

Research staff from validated institutions - by invitation only if appropriate

Guildhall School of Music & Drama (DMA programme)

Dr Kate Romano

Guidhall School of Music & Drama (DMus programme)

Dr Kate Romano

Trinity Laban

Dr Jonathan Clarke

Nordoff Robbins

Professor Mercedes Pavlicevic

Research student representatives



Academic Services represenative

Dr Naomi Hammond

Learning Development Centre representative

Dr Pam Parker

Dr Sian Lindsay


Mr Richard Alderman

Reports to:

Education Committee

Updates provided to:

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and International)
City Research Development and International Relations Office

If you would like to see records of research forum meetings, please visit our archived pages.