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Meeting no. 294 - 13-05-20


Meeting to be held on Wednesday 13th May 2020 from 2pm to 5pm

Via Microsoft Teams


Members are invited to raise questions of detail with the speakers specified for a paper ahead of the meeting with a view to improving the effectiveness of the meeting. Please notify the Governance team if you wish to star an item.

Item numberPart One – Preliminary ItemsPaper1Main Speaker(s)
*1 2.00pmApologies
To note apologies received for the meeting.
*2Highlighted Items
To agree the highlighted (*) items as the main items of business for the meeting2.
To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 11th December 2019.

Matters Arising

4.1 Item 5 – Matters Arising: Policy on Graduate Teaching Assistants
To note the paper.

4.2 Item 20 – Matters Arising: Academic Year Structure
To note the update.

4.3 Item 21 – Matters Arising: Staff Eligible to sit on Stage 2 Appeal and Disciplinary Panels
To note the update from S&AS and to discuss the proposals from the SU.

4.4 To note any other matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda

4.1 Open

4.2 Verbal

4.3 Restricted

4.4 Open

4.1 DSAS

4.2 DSAS

4.3 DSAS

4.4 Chair

*5Conflicts of Interest

To note any members’ conflicts of interest pertaining to this meeting’s business.
6Terms of Reference and Governance Regulations
To note the terms of reference of Senate and the regulations relating to Senate.
*7Items Specially Brought Forward by the Chair
To consider any issues brought forward by the Chair.

7.1 To note decisions taken out of session by Senate, by correspondence.
8Senate Calendar
To note the annual calendar for Senate business.
*9 2.30pm

Students’ Union Standing Report

To note and discuss issues brought forward by the Students’ Union.
Students’ Union Standing Report Part a
Students’ Union Standing Report Part b

OpenSU President
Item numberPart Two – Major Items for Approval and/or DiscussionPaper1Main Speaker(s)
*10 2.40pmUpdates/Reports to Senate in relation to Covid-19 Pandemic

10.1 Framework for managing the impact of Covid-19 on Academic quality
To consider the report.
10.2 Derogations to Regulations and Policies as a result of Covid-19 (Doctoral College)
To consider and endorse the report.

10.1 Closed

10.2 Closed

10.1 DP&P

10.2 Doctoral College

*11 3.00pmProposals/reports to Senate from Academic Governance Committee

11.1 Proposed Revision to Regulation 13: Student Discipline
To consider the proposed changes and approve the revised Regulation.
11.2 Proposed Revision to Regulation 23 – Masters Degrees By Research
To consider the proposed changes and approve the revised Regulation.
11.3 Programme Regulations for 19/20: CLS
To consider the proposed changes and approve the revised Regulation.
11.4 Proposed Revision to Regulation 4C: SREC ToR
To consider the proposed changes and approve the revised Regulation.
11.5 Proposed Revision to Regulation 7: Emeritus Titles
To consider and approve the proposed revision.
11.6 Recommendations for the Award of Professor Emeritus
To consider the nominations and approve the recommendations for the award.
11.1 Open

11.2 Open

11.3 Open

11.4 Open

11.5 Open

11.6 Closed
11.1 Chair AGC /

11.2 Chair AGC /

11.3 Chair AGC /

11.4 Chair

11.5 Chair SREC

11.6 Chair AGC
*12 3.20pmProposals/reports to Senate from Educational Quality Committee

12.1 Student Harassment and Bullying Policy and Student Sexual Misconduct Policy
To consider and approve the Policies.
12.2 Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy and Guidance
To consider and approve the Policy.
12.3 External Examining Thematic Report (Summary) 2018/19
To consider and approve the report.
12.4 PGR Annual Programme Evaluation Summary Report 2018/19
To consider and approve the report.
12.5 Undergraduate Annual Programme Evaluation Summary Report 2018/19
To consider and approve the report.

21.1 Closed
21.2 Open
21.3 Closed
21.4 Open
21.5 Open

21.1 DP&P/
21.2 DP&P
21.3 DP&P
21.4 DP&P
21.5 DP&P

*13 4.00pmProposals/reports to Senate from Research & Enterprise Committee

13.1 Research & Enterprise Annual Report
To receive the report.
Item numberPart Three – Other Items for discussionPaper1Main Speaker(s)
*14 4.20pm

Reports from Sub-Committees and Executive Advisory Committees

14.1 Boards of Studies Minutes
To note the minutes and consider any matters of concern.
14.2 Reports from the Research & Enterprise Committee, Educational Quality Committee,
Academic Governance Committee, Collaborative Provision Committee
To receive a verbal update and consider any matters of concern.

14.1 Verbal

14.2 Verbal
14.1 BoS Chairs

14.2 Committee
*15 4.30pmNominations for Chairs of Assessment Boards
To approve the nominations
*16 4.40pmResearch Degrees Policy Consultation Outcome
To approve the amendments
OpenDoctoral College
*17 4.50pmAppointment of President
To receive the update.
VerbalCollege Secretary
Item numberPart Four – Items for InformationPaper1 
18Register of Collaborative Provision
To receive the report
OpenChair CPC
19Raising and Escalating Concerns in Practice Annual Report
To note the report from the BoS in Health Sciences.
OpenBoS Chair
20PG and UG Applications for 20/21
To note the report.
21Minutes for Information
To note minutes from the following meetings:

21.1 Senate Committees
21.1.1 Educational Quality Committee
21.1.2 Academic Governance Committee
21.1.3 Senate Research Ethics Committee
SREC minutes part a
SREC minutes part b

21.1.4 Collaborative Provision Committee
21.2 Executive Advisory Committees
21.2.1 Education & Student Committee
21.3 BoS Minutes

21.1.1 Open 21.1.2 Open
21.1.3 Open

21.1.4 Open
21.2 Open
21.3 Part Closed

Chair EQC

Chair AGC


Chair CPC

Chair ESC
22Items for note relating to papers circulated to Senate in March 2020

22.1 Sabbatical Leave Monitoring Report
To note the report.
22.2 Student Transfer Statement and Next Steps
To note the statement and development of future policy.
22.3 PRES 2019 Results Analysis
To note the report.
22.4 PSRB Summary Report for 2019/20
To note the report.
22.5 REF 2021 Status Report
To note the update.
22.1 Closed
22.2 Open
22.3 Restricted
22.4 Open
22.5 Restricted
22.1 WP(R&E)
22.2 DP&P
22.3 Doctoral College, BoS Chair
22.4 DP&P
22.5 VP(R&E)
23Honorary Visiting Professors
To note the appointments and reappointments of Honorary Visiting Professors approved by Chair’s action.
Item numberPart Five – Concluding ItemsPaper1Main Speaker(s)
*24Freedom of Information Review
To identify any changes to the open/restricted/closed classification of papers from this meeting.
25Any Other Business
To note any other business.

Dr William Jordan
College Secretary William. Jordan@city.ac.uk

1City, University of London’s Publication Scheme, produced in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, states that the approved minutes of the meetings of Council and Senate are routinely published on the web. “Open” and “Restricted” Council papers, with the exception of the minutes of sub-committees, will normally be made available on the Staff Hub following the discussion at the Council meeting. “Open” Senate papers are published on the web and “Restricted” papers are also available to staff via the web using a password. The agenda, papers and minutes for the other Committees of Council and Sub-Committees of Senate are not routinely published on the web or Staff Hub, with the exception of the open minutes of Remuneration Committee which are published on the web. The classification of papers as “Open”, “Restricted” and “Closed” has been determined in the light of the provision of the Freedom of Information Act. “Open” papers will normally be made available to a member of the public lodging an FOI request. “Closed” papers will not normally be made available. “Restricted” classifies a paper that is “Closed” but has been made available to staff. Staff should treat “Restricted” papers as confidential and not share or discuss them with anyone other than City staff. The Committee may change the classification of papers on the agenda at the meeting at which they are considered.
2 Discussion will be limited to starred items only. Members are asked to give advance notice of a wish to star an item not starred on this agenda. Recommendations included in papers not starred and thus not discussed will be taken as approved. Members are invited to raise questions of detail with the speakers specified for a paper ahead of the meeting with a view to improving the effectiveness of the meeting