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Meeting No. 281


Meetings to be held on Wednesday 11th October 2017 from 2pm to 5pm in the Northampton Suite

* 1: A meeting of Senators to discuss Equality will take place in the Northampton Suite at 2.00-2.15pm. All members of Senate are invited to attend.
* 2: Senate will meet at 2.15pm-5.00pm, following the Equality and Diversity discussion.


Members are invited to raise questions of detail with the speakers specified for a paper ahead of the meeting with a view to improving the effectiveness of the meeting. Please notify the Governance team if you wish to star an item.

Agenda itemItemPaper1Main speaker(s)
Part OnePreliminary Items  
*1Apologies - To note apologies received for the meetingVerbalChair
*2Highlighted Items
To agree the highlighted (*) items as the main items of business for the meeting2
To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 12th July 2017
*4Matters Arising  
4.1Item 13 - To receive an update on the Research & Enterprise Strategy Implementation PlanVerbalVP(R&E)
4.2Item 15 - To receive an update on Research Students Who Teach data collectionVerbal Dean Grad School
4.3Item 25 - To receive the revised Student Mobility and Placements PolicyOpenDP&P
4.4Item 30 - To receive the revised APE PolicyOpenDP&P
4.5To note any other matters arising not covered elsewhere on the AgendaVerbal Chair
*5Conflicts of Interest
To note any members’ conflicts of interest pertaining to this meeting’s business
Verbal Chair

Terms of Reference and Governance Regulations

To note the terms of reference of Senate and the regulations relating to Senate.

Open Chair
7.1New Senate Members To note the Senate Membership List for 2017/18 and to welcome all new SenatorsOpen Chair
7.2Chairs & Deputy Chairs of Board of Studies 2017/18
To note the Deans who will act as Chairs of Boards of
Studies and to approve the appointment of the Deputy
Chairs for 2017/18
Open Chair
*8Items Specially Brought Forward by the ChairTo consider any issues brought forward by the ChairVerbal Chair
*9Senate Calendar
To note the annual calendar for Senate business
*10Students' Union Reports  

Students’ Union Standing Reports

To note and discuss issues brought forward by the
Students’ Union. Reports from the Summer and Autumn Term are included

Open SU President

Academic Societies Report

To discuss the paper

OpenSU VP(A&D)
Part Two Items for ApprovalPaperMain Speaker(s)

Annual Assurance Report to Council

To consider and agree to recommend to Council for approval the Annual Assurance Report to Council

*12Senate nominees for Stage 2-level panels (student cases)
To note the report and approve the list of nominated individuals
Open DP&P
*13Recommendation for the Award of Professor

To consider and approve the recommendation for the award
Part ThreeMajor Items for discussion (Education)Paper1Main Speaker(s)
*14NSS 2017 Report
To note the report

Assessment Strategies Update

To note the Assessment Strategies Project update

OpenChair LEaD
*16TEF Update
To receive an update on TEF
*17Student Attendance and Engagement PolicyTo consider an update on the proposed PolicyVerbalDP&P

Module Evaluation Outcomes Report – Spring 2017

To consider the report

Open DP&P
*19Reports from Sub-Committees and Executive Advisory Committees  
19.1Boards of Studies Minutes
To note the minutes and consider any matters of concern
Part closedBoS Chairs

Reports from the Graduate Committee, Research & Enterprise Committee, Education & Student Committee, Academic Governance Committee

To receive a verbal update and consider any matters of concern

VerbalCommittee Chairs
Part FourOther Items for discussionPaper1Main Speaker(s)
*20Research Students Who Teach Guidance Notes
To consider the proposed guidance notes, including the revised templates, which will accompany the Research Students Who Teach Policy
Open Dean Grad School
*21Research & Enterprise Annual Report
To consider the report
*22Outstanding External Examiner Appointments 2017/18 and New Appointments Required for 2018/19
To note the outstanding appointments and appointments due
to expire and to request action from the BoS to address any remaining appointments
*23External Examiner Thematic Report
To consider the External Examiner Themes and approve the recommendations

Unistats Return 2017/18 submissions to HESA

To receive the report

*25Undergraduate Admissions 2017/18
To note the report
*26Enrolment Numbers 2017/18
To note the report

Regulation 19, Assessment Regulations

To note the update

Part FiveItems for InformationPaper1Main Speaker(s)
28The Times & Sunday Times University League Table
To note the league table
29Times Higher Education World University Rankings
To note the rankings.
30Internal Audit Reports  
(i)To receive the Internal Audit Report on Student VoiceOpen DP&P
(ii)To receive the Internal Audit Report on Oversight of Accreditation and Professional and Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)OpenDP&P
31Research Students Who Teach
To receive the revised template (Excel file)
OpenDean Grad School
32Minutes for Information
To note minutes from the following meetings:
32.1CouncilPart closedChair
32.2Senate Committees  
32.2.1Academic Governance CommitteeTo followChair AGC
32.2.2Senate Research Ethics CommitteeOpenChair SREC
32.3Executive Advisory Committees  
32.3.1Research and Enterprise CommitteeTo followVP(R&E)
32.3.2Education and Student CommitteeOpenDP&P

Effectiveness of Senate Update

To note the implementation plan

Open Chair

Honorary Visiting Professors

To note the appointments and re-appointments of Honorary Visiting Professors approved by Chair’s action

Part SixConcluding ItemsPaper1Main Speaker(s)

Freedom of Information Review

To identify any changes to the open/restricted/closed classification of papers from this meeting

 Date of next meeting - To be confirmed