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Meeting No.275


Agenda ItemDocument Title
Item 3Minutes of the meeting held on 13 July 2016
Item 4 Matters Arising
Item 5.1New Senate Members
Item 5.2Chairs & Deputy Chairs of Board of Studies 2016/17
Item 7Terms of Reference and Governance Regulations
Item 8Senate Calendar
Item 10.1Students' Union Standing Report
Item 10.2Students’ Union Programme Representatives Update
Item 10.3Students’ Union Programme Representatives: Code of Conduct
Item 11.1Senate Annual Assurance Report to Council
Item 11.2Council Annual Assurance Statement to HEFCE on Academic Quality & Standards
Item 11.3Council Annual Assurance Statement to HEFCE on Academic Quality & Standards
Item 12 Institutional Partnership with City & Islington College
Item 13Academic Misconduct Policy & Guidance
Item 14 Revised Assessment & Feedback Policy
Item 15Revised Extenuating Circumstances Policy
Item 16Staff Eligible to Sit on Stage 2 Appeal & Disciplinary Panels
Item 17 Recommendation for the Award of Professor Emeritus (Closed)
Item 18Teaching Excellence Framework – City Response (Closed)
Item 19 NSS 2016: Findings of Student Surveys (Closed)
Item 20 Outcomes from Module Evaluation 2015/16 – Spring 2016 (Closed)
Item 21Assessment Feedback Turnaround Times Autumn 2015/16 (Closed)
Item 22 Outstanding External Examiner Appointments 2016/17: Undergraduate/Postgraduate (Part Closed)
Item 23External Examiner Appointments Research Degrees 2015/16 (Restricted)
Item 24.1 Board of Studies Minutes
Item 24.2 Validation & Institutional Partnerships Committee Report (Closed)
Item 26Key Information Set 2016/17 submission to HESA
Item 27Undergraduate Admissions 2016/17 (Closed)
Item 29Internal Audit Support for Senate
29.1 To note the External Examiners Internal Audit Report 2015/16
29.2 To note the Internal Audit Support Plan for Senate in 2016/17
29.3 To note the Student Records Audit Report
Item 30Updates to the Senate Regulations 2016/17
Item 31The Times & Sunday Times University League Table
Item 32Times Higher Education World University Rankings
Item 33Minutes for Information
To note minutes from the following meetings:
33.1 Council
33.2 Senate Committees
33.2.1 Academic Governance Committee (to follow)
33.2.2 Senate Research Ethics Committee
33.3 Executive Advisory Committees
33.3.1 Graduate School Committee (to follow)
33.3.2 Research and Enterprise Committee (to follow)
33.3.3 Education and Student Committee
Item 35Honorary Visiting Professors