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Meeting No.272


Agenda ItemDocument Title
Item 3Minutes of the meeting held on 14 October 2015
Item 4Matters Arising
Item 6Terms of Reference and Governance Regulations
Item 8Senate Calendar
Item 9.1 (a)Vision & Strategy 2026 Presentation
Item 9.1 (b)Draft Paper for the Vision & Strategy 2026
Item 9.2 (a)Vision 2020 - Setting the Student Union's Strategy Presentation
Item 9.2 (b)Paper for the Vision 2020
Item 10.1Students' Union Standing Report
Item 10.2Student Representatives Mid-Year Report & Register
Item 11.1 QAA Institutional Review Action Plan (Closed)
Item 11.2Degree classifications for academic year 2014/15
Item 11.3Progress Report on achieving the NSS milestones (Restricted)
Item 11.4Progress to date with the Education and Student Strategy
Item 12NSS Results 2015 Action Plan (Closed)
Item 13.1Board of Studies Minutes (Part Closed)
Item 13.2 (a)Granting of Taught Degree Awarding Powers to Trinity Laban (Closed)
Item 13.2 (b)Validating & Institutional Partnership Minutes - February 2016 (Closed)
Item 15Research and Enterprise: Annual Report to Senate and Council
Item 16Gender Equality Progress and Update
Item 17Recommendations for the Award of Professor Emeritus (Closed)
Item 18.1University's Response to Government Green Paper
Item 18.2Students' Union Response to Green Paper
Item 19Citation Task Force
Item 20Collaboration Provision Register 2015/16
Item 21.1Council Minutes
Item 21.2.1Academic Governance Committee Minutes
Item 21.2.2Senate Research Ethics Committee Minutes (Closed)
Item 21.3.1Graduate School Committee Minutes
Item 21.3.3Education and Student Committee Minutes
Item 22Awards of Doctor of Science
Item 23Honorary Visiting Lecturers