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Meeting No.274

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Agenda ItemDocument Title
Item 3Minutes of the meeting held on 18 May 2016
Item 4Matters Arising
Item 6Terms of Reference and Governance Regulations
Item 8.1Students' Union Standing Report
Item 8.2Research Students Who Teach: Final Report
Item 8.3Students' Union Strategy 2020
Item 9Senate Calendar
Item 10 Gender Equality Progress 
Item 11Briefing on Government White Paper on the future of Higher Education
Item 12Prevent Update
Item 13Amendments to Publicising Programmes of Study Policy
Item 14Personal Tutoring Policy
Item 15Peer-Supported Review of Education (PSRE)
Item 16Admissions Appeals & Complaints Procedures (Closed)
Item 17Amendments to Senate Regulations for Doctoral Programmes & Masters Degrees by Research
Item 18Appointment of Visiting Staff
Item 19 Commitment to Academic Freedom
Item 20Student Survey Findings
Item 21Progress Report on Education & Student Strategy
Item 22Report on Student Appeals, Complaints and Disciplinary cases in 2015
Item 23Research Degree Qualifications Rate (RDQR) Cohort Analysis (Restricted)
Item 24.1 Board of Studies Minutes (Part Closed)
Item 25KPI/PI Biannual Report
Item 26Recommendation for the Award of Professor Emeritus (Closed)
Item 27Programme Approval Schedule
Item 28Internal Audit for Widening Participation
Item 29.1Council Minutes (Part Closed)
Item 29.2 29.2.1 Academic Governance Committee
29.2.2 Senate Research Ethics Committee
Item 29.3 29.3.1 Graduate School Committee
29.3.2 Research and Enterprise Committee
29.3.3 Education and Student Committee
Item 30Honorary Visiting Professors