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GSMD Course Board

All papers are closed under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Exemption 43.

Terms of Reference

  1. To maintain and enhance academic quality and standards of the programmes that lead to an award of the University ensuring commensurability with University and national requirements and compliance with the Validation Agreement.
  2. To consider local, University or national policies and developments that will impact upon validated programmes and, where appropriate, for recommendations to be reported to the relevant University body.
  3. To receive from Boards of Studies proposed programme amendments and special schemes of study for subsequent recommendation to the University’s Validation and Institutional Partnerships Committee.
  4. To consider nominations for external examiners for subsequent recommendation to the University’s Senate.
  5. To take an overview of recruitment and, in particular, to monitor entry profiles.
  6. To consider and approve any APL/APEL recommendations for entry to the programmes.
  7. To receive details of staff changes and accompanying CVs with regard to those who contribute to the delivery and assessment of the programmes.
  8. To receive and consider Annual Programme Evaluations for subsequent report to the University’s Validation and Institutional Partnerships Committee.
  9. To receive and consider minutes of Boards of Studies meetings.
  10. To receive and respond to the University’s annual report on its meeting with student representatives.
  11. To receive new validation proposal outlines for subsequent recommendation to the University’s Validation and Institutional Partnerships Committee.
  12. To ensure compliance with the University’s requirements for the validation of research degrees as documented in the University’s Research Studies Handbook.
  13. To receive reports arising from validation and revalidation visits and to oversee the implementation of action/s arising for subsequent report to the University’s Validation and Institutional Partnerships Committee.
  14. To receive reports from the institution with validated programmes on any institutional developments that may impact upon the validation relationship including changes in governance and management, relationships with any other institutions and external quality or accreditation review, for subsequent report to the University’s Validation and Institutional Partnerships Committee.

Composition and Membership

Equality and Diversity statement

City, University of London is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all its activities, processes, and culture, under its Public Sector Equality Duties and the Equality Act 2010.  This includes promoting equality and diversity for all, irrespective of any protected characteristic, working pattern, family circumstance, socio-economic background, political belief or other irrelevant distinction.

Diverse membership of all committees is expected.  Wherever possible membership will consist of at least 30% women and 30% men and representation of other protected groups will be actively considered. Where this has not been met, committees should be able to demonstrate what action has been taken to achieve this target.

Usual attendance requirements

City, University of London representation

Each meeting


Professor Steve Stanton

Each meeting

Head of Creative Practice and Enterprise (Ex-Officio) (Deputy Chair)

Professor Stephen Cottrell

Each meeting

Student and Academic Services

Susannah Marsden (Director)

Each meeting

Co-opted member - MMA/DMA Joint Programme Leader

Dr Laudan Nooshin

Validated programme representatives

Each meeting

Director of Music

Jonathan Vaughan

Each meeting

Director Drama

Christian Burgess

Either - subject to provisos - see below

Director of Acting

[BA (Hons) Acting & MA Training Actors programmes]

Wyn Jones

Director of Technical Theatre

[BA (Hons) Stage Management & Technical Theatre]

Ben Sumner

Each meeting

Head of Music Programmes

[BMus Guildhall Artist Masters programmes]

Alessandro Timossi

One member from grouping -subject to provisos - see below

Head of Composition Department

[Guildhall Artist Composition pathway & DMus programme]

Dr Julian Philips

Programme Leader

[Guildhall Artist Leadership pathway]

Sigrun Saevarsdottir-Griffiths

Senior Professor in Composition

Paul Newland

Head of Keyboard & Advanced Performance Studies

[Guildhall Artist Performance pathway]

Ronan O'Hora

Head of Music Therapy

[MA in Music Therapy]

Ann Sloboda

Institutional representatives



Professor Barry Ife

Assistant Principal (Research & Academic Development)

Professor Helen Gaunt

Each meeting

Head of Registry Services and Quality Assurance & Enhancement

Katherine Lewis

Joint programme leader

Each meeting


Dr Kate Romano

External Adviser

Each meeting

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Professor Celia Duffy


Each meeting

Validation and Partnerships Manager

Abi Moran


  1. Individuals must attend when their programme or pathway has a major item on the agenda – e.g. APER, External Examiner Reports, major amendment.

  2. Each group to determine between them who will attend a particular meeting and inform both Abi Moran (secretary) and Katharine Lewis

If you would like to see records of course board meetings, please visit our archived pages.