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Meeting no. 3

Educational Quality Committee

Thursday 14 June 2018 2pm - 4pm

Room D427


Part 1 - Preliminary ItemsPaper1SpeakerTime
1.*Welcome and apologies and to agree:
*(for discussion); # (discuss only matters of importance/concern arising); all others (for information)2
Verbal Chair14.00
To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 12 April 2018
Open Chair14.05
3.#Matters Arising
To note matters arising from the previous meeting which do not appear elsewhere on the agenda
Open Chair 
4.*Chair's Business
To receive a report on important institutional business from the Chair
Verbal Chair14.10
Part 2 - City Developments, Priorities and Standing ReportsPaper1SpeakerTime

Office for Students

To receive an update and note the ongoing conditions of registration in relation to quality and standards

Open Chair14.15
6.#Teaching Excellent Framework
To note City's response to the sector consultation and receive an update
7.#Education and Student Committee
To receive an update on key matters from the meeting on 6 June 2018
Verbal Chair14.25

Students' Union Standing Report

To receive a report from the Students' Union

Open VP Education14.30
9.#Student and Academic Services Standing Report
To receive a report on the activities of the Directorate
VerbalAssistant Director QUAD14.35
10.#LEaD Standing Report
To receive a report on the activities of LEaD
VerbalDeputy Director LEaD14.40

Undergraduate Assessment Strategy Review

To receive an update on the review

VerbalDeputy Director LEaD14.45
Part 3 - Educational QualityPaper1SpeakerTime
12.*Senate Regulations and PoliciesOpenAssistant Registrar (Quality)14.50
12a*To note updates to the Disciplinary RegulationOpenAssistant Registrar (Quality) 
12b*To approve updates to the Fitness to Study Policy and Guidance, and to note the updates to the Regulation OpenAssistant Registrar (Quality) 
12c*To approve the updates to the Programme Assessment RegulationsOpen Assistant Registrar (Quality) 
12d*To consider the outcome of the Assessment Regulation consultation on Failure of a Module and the proposed actionsOpen Assistant Registrar (Quality) 
12e*To consider the outcome of the consultation on Extensions and Late Participation in Assessment and the proposed actionsOpen Assistant Registrar (Quality) 
13.*Module Evaluation Process Review
To note the report and consider the proposed actions

i) Module Evaluation Review update
ii) Module Evaluation Review report
Open Assistant Registrar (Quality)15.05

Annual Programme Evaluation (APE)

To note the proposals for sharing good practice from APE activity and approve the template.

ClosedAssistant Registrar (Quality)15.15
15.#Periodic Review
To note the timescales for confirmation of planning schedules for 2018/19 reviews
VerbalAssistant Registrar (Quality) 
16.*Complaints and Appeals Assistant Registrar (Quality)15.20
16a.*To approve the Admissions Complaints and Appeals Procedure for ApplicantsOpen Assistant Registrar (Quality) 
16b.*To approve the Fee Assessment Review and Appeals Procedure Open   
16c.*To receive the Complaints and Appeals reportClosed  
17.*Internal Audit - Schedule and reports
To receive a briefing on Internal Audit and planned 2018/19 activity
Open Director of Internal Audit 15.30

Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB)
To receive the annual PSRB reports and note activity during the 2017/18

PSRB Registers - Summary

PSRB Registers - School reports

i) Arts and Social Sciences

ii) Cass Business School

iii) Health Sciences

iv) City Law School

v) Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering

OpenAssistant Registrar (Quality)15.40
19.#Graduate School
To receive the minutes of the meeting held in March 2018 and to note the key developments
Open Assistant Director (QUAD)15.45
20.#Collaborative Provision Committee Assistant Director QUAD 
20a.#To receive the  minutes of the meeting held in March 2018 and  note the key developmentsOpen   
20b.#To note the Register of Collaborative ProvisionClosed  
21.#Lecture Capture
To receive an update on Lecture Capture
VerbalChair of LEC 
22.#Any other business  15.55
  Next meeting - Date to be confirmed   
  Secretary: Helen Fitch
E-mail: Helen.Fitch.1@city.ac.uk
Telephone: 020 7040 8793