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Meeting no. 1

Educational Quality Committee

Tuesday 13 February 2018 11am - 1pm


Part 1 - Preliminary ItemsPaper1SpeakerTime
1*Welcome and apologies and to agree:
*(for discussion); #(discuss only  matters of importance/concern arising); all others (for information)2
Verbal Chair11.00
2*Terms of Reference and Membership
To approve the terms and reference of membership
Open Chair 
3#Minutes and Actions ArisingOpen Chair11.05
  a) To note the minutes of the meeting of the Education and Student Committee held on 9 November 2017   
  b) To note matters arising from Education and Education Committee business which do not appear elsewhere on the agenda   
4#Annual Calendar 2017/18
To note the annual calendar of business and forthcoming work agreed for this academic year
Open Chair11.10
5*Chair's Business
To receive a report on important institutional business from the Chair
Part 2 - City Developments, Priorities and Standing ReportsPaper1SpeakerTime
6*Education and Student Committee
To note the proposed arrangements for communications with the Education and Student Committee and receive an update on priorities, projects and forthcoming work
7#Students' Union Standing Report
To receive a report from the Students' Union
Verbal VP Education 11.30
8#Student and Academic Services Standing Report
To receive a report on activities of the Directorate
VerbalAssistant Director QUAD11.35

LEaD Standing Report

To receive a report on activities of LEaD

VerbalDept. Director LEaD11.40
10#Undergraduate Assessment Strategy Review
To receive an update on the review
Verbal Dept Director LEaD11.45
Part 3 - Educational QualityPaper1SpeakerTime
11#Annual Assurance Report to Senate and Council
To review of the action plan and agree the next steps

Full Annual Assurance Report appended for information only
Open Chair11.50
12*Senate Assessment Regulations
To approve a Board of Studies consultation paper
OpenAssistant Registrar (Quality)12.00
13*Senate Policies  12.10
  a) Periodic Review and Programme Approval, Amendment and Suspension
To receive an update on the consultation and next steps
Open Assistant Registrar (Quality) 
  b) Extensions and Late Work
To receive an update on the consultation and next steps
VerbalAssistant Registrar (Quality) 
  c) Admissions Policy
To approve updates to the Policy
OpenAssistant Registrar (Quality) 
14#Programme Developments  12.20
  a) To note the schedule of programme approval activity and progress to dateOpen Assistant Director QUAD 
  b) To note the schedule of periodic review activity and progress to date, and Appendix 1 - the forward planning scheduleOpen Assistant Director QUAD 
15*Annual Programme Evaluation (APE)
a) To receive an overview and update on the APE process
Open Assistant Registrar (Quality) 12.25
  b) To consider the quality report for the Undergraduate APEs received for the 2016/17 academic yearClosedAssistant Registrar (Quality) 
16*Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies
To note a report from the School of Health Sciences relating to PSRB
ClosedSHS Associate Dean (Education)12.35
17#External Examiners
To approve the appointment of the Academic Lead for External Examining
18#Graduate School
To receive the minutes of the meeting held in September 2017, November 2017 and January 2018 and note the key developments
Open Assistant Director (QUAD) 
  September 2017   
  November 2017   
  January 2018   
  Key Developments   
19#Collaborative Provision Committee   
  a) To receive the minutes of the meeting held in November 2017 and note key developmentsOpen Assistant Director (QUAD) 
  b) To note the Internal Audit Report on Partnerships 2016/17OpenAssistant Director (QUAD) 
20#Any Other Business   
Dates of next meetings:
12 April 2018 2pm - 4pm Room AG04 
June  2018 2pm - 4pm D427
Secretary: Helen Fitch          E-mail: helen.fitch.1@city.ac.uk              Telephone 020 7040 8793

1 City, University of London’s Publication Scheme, produced in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, makes clear that the papers and minutes of meetings of Council and Senate and their committees are routinely published on the web.  Restricted and closed papers are exempt under the Scheme.  All other papers are Open and are published without hesitation on the web.  “Restricted” papers are made available to staff.  Staff should treat “Restricted” papers as confidential and not to share or discuss them with anyone other than City staff.2 Recommendations included in papers not starred and not discussed will be taken as approved.