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Meeting No.16

Agenda ItemDocument Title
Item 2Minutes of the meeting held on 8 February 2017
Item 3Matters Arising
Item 5Chair's Business
b) To receive an update on the Evaluation of Student Experience Report and next steps (restricted)
Item 6Vision and Strategy 2026 (restricted)
Item 7.1Progression Improvement Plan Working Group (restricted)
Item 7.2Revisions to the Education and Student Strategy PowerPoint presentation and update paper (restricted) 
a) Refreshing the strategy to meet the new Vision 2026
b) Education & Student Strategy refresh
Item 8HESA Review of Graduate Outcomes 
Item 9Students' Union Standing Report
Item 11
Learning Enhancement & Development Advisory Sub-Committee
b) To note the LEaD Service Evaluation 2016/17
Item 12.1Learning Enhancement & Development Advisory Sub-Committee
Item 12.2Graduate School Committee
Item 13Annual Programme Evalution (APE)
Item 14Periodic Review
Item 15Transgender Policy