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Education and Student Committee

Terms of Reference 2018/19

The Education and Student Committee has been an ExCo Committee since September 2017, following revision of ToR.


Education & Student Committee provides strategic oversight for education and the student experience at City. It is accountable for the effective implementation of City’s Education & Student Strategy via which City will achieve its Academic Output Key Performance Indicators for student experience, progression and employability.  It meets at least four times annually and reports directly to ExCo.

Terms of reference

  1. To provide strategic direction with respect to education and the student experience at City, ensuring work undertaken contributes to the strategic objectives set out in Vision and Strategy 2026.
  2. To oversee the implementation of the Education & Student Strategy, the key mechanism for which is the annual Education & Student Operational Plan. This will include:
    1. setting out key priorities and monitoring progress
    2. leadership of the aspects of City’s partnership with the Students’ Union supporting the delivery of conjoint strategic priorities for education and students
    3. oversight of communications and engagement activities
    4. establishment of sub-committees and working groups as necessary to progress specific initiatives
  3. To directly oversee planning and activities for student satisfaction including:
    1. Student representation and feedback
    2. Annual action planning to improve student satisfaction
    3. The development of strategic initiatives supporting improved student satisfaction
  4. To contribute to effective decision-making and oversight through:
    1. referral of strategic and policy issues requiring approval onto appropriate City Committees and/ or bodies.
    2. provision of assurances that activities harmonise with and support interdependent institutional strategies and City’s Quality Framework
    3. provision of regular updates to Senate on progress.
  5. To agree actions to be taken and responses made with respect to external developments, including potential opportunities.

Composition and Membership

Equality and Diversity statement

City, University of London is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in all its activities, processes, and culture, under its Public Sector Equality Duties and the Equality Act 2010.  This includes promoting equality and diversity for all, irrespective of any protected characteristic, working pattern, family circumstance, socio-economic background, political belief or other irrelevant distinction.

Diverse membership of all committees is expected.  Wherever possible membership will consist of at least 30% women and 30% men and representation of other protected groups will be actively considered. Where this has not been met committees should be able to demonstrate what action has been taken to achieve this target.

Composition and Membership 

Deputy President and Provost (Chair)

Dean of each School or nominee as determined by the Chair

Director of Student & Academic Services

Associate Director of Student & Academic Services

Director of Learning Enhancement & Development

Head of Student Experience & Engagement

Chairs of Sub-committees (ex officio)

Students' Union President

Students' Union VP Education

Students' Union VP Activities and Development

In attendance:  Senior Strategy Support Officer (Secretary), Leads for change areas and enabler projects as required, co-opted members as required.

If you would like to see records of committee meetings, please visit our archived pages.