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Meeting no. 30

City Graduate School Committee Meeting No. 30

21 June 2019

Time 11:30-13:30

Room AG01


Item number Part 1 - Preliminary items Paper1Speaker

Apologies and to agree: *(for discussion); # (discuss only matters of importance/concern); all others (for information)

None Chair
#2. Minutes
To note the minutes of the Meeting held on 2 May 2019
A Chair
#3. Matters arising from the minutes B Chair
#4. Chair’s Business
To receive a report on important institutional business from the Chair
None Chair
Item number Part 2 – Report from students Paper1Speaker
#5. To receive an update from the Students’ Union representatives None President (SU)
PGR part-time officer
Item number Part 3 – Report from Vice-President (Research and Enterprise) Paper1Speaker
#6. To receive an update from the Vice-President (Research and Enterprise) None Professor Andrew Jones
Item number Part 4  – Items for discussion Paper1Speaker

Graduate Teaching Assistants
To recommend the policy to Senate for approval, in response to amendments requested by Senate
Graduate Teaching Assistants paper C
Graduate Teaching Assistants paper D
Graduate Teaching Assistants paper E

C,D,E Chair, Assistant Registrar (Research Degrees)
*8. Establishing a Teaching Persona
To note feedback on the new course provided in 2018/19 and recommend its continuation to Senate
F Dr Jessica Hancock
*9. Viva Voce or Oral Examination (use of videoconferencing)
To recommend the policy and guidance note to Senate for approval, in response to amendments requested by Senate
Viva Voce or Oral Examinations paper G
Viva Voce or Oral Examinations paper H
Viva Voce or Oral Examinations paper I
G,H,I Chair, Assistant Registrar (Research Degrees)
*10. Recording of Viva Voce or Oral Examinations
To discuss a summary paper and agree an institutional position
J Chair, Assistant Registrar (Research Degrees)
*11. Postgraduate Research Learning Outcomes
To discuss the annual update to the University’s Performance Indicator for PhD completions within four years and agree actions
K Assistant Registrar (Research Degrees)
*12. Open Access, Self-Plagiarism and Academic Publishing
To discuss issues relating to open access to PhD theses and risks associated with academic publishing

Chair, Head of Library Academic Services

#13. Policy Review Schedule
To note progress on the cyclical review of research degree policies
M Assistant Registrar (Research Degrees)
Item number Part Three – Items for Information Paper1Speaker
14. Research degrees awarded
To note information on research degrees awarded since July 2017
N (web only) Chair
15. Research degree external examiner appointments
To note research degree external examiner appointments since July 2017
O (web only) Chair

Any Other Business and Dates of future meetings:
To note the dates of future meetings:

  • Friday 20 September 2019 (provisional)
  • Thursday 21 November 2019 (provisional)
  • Thursday 23 January 2020 (provisional)
  • Tuesday 17 March 2020 (provisional)
  • Thursday 18 June 2020 (provisional)

Note: Dates, times and membership of Graduate School Committee meetings in 2019/20 are provisional pending the outcomes of the Review of Research Student Support.

None Chair

Secretary: Richard Alderman (on behalf of Student and Academic Services)
Email: richard.alderman@city.ac.uk
Telephone: 8106

1 City University’s Publication Scheme, produced in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, makes clear that the papers and minutes of meetings of Council and Senate and their committees are routinely published on the web.  Paper letters given suffix “c” are closed papers that are exempt from the Scheme; these papers will not be published, at least in the first instance.  All other papers are categorised as “Open” and are published without hesitation.