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Meeting no. 19


Part 1 - Preliminary ItemsPaper 1Speaker
*1Apologies and to agree: *(for discussion); # (discuss only matters of
importance/concern); all others (for information)
- Chair
To note the minutes of the Meeting held on 13 February 2017
#3Matters arising from the minutesCChair
#4Chair’s BusinessTo receive a report on important institutional business from the Chair-Chair
Part 2 - Report from StudentsPaper 1Speaker
*5To receive a report from the Students’ UnionDVice President Education (SU)
*6To receive an update from the Students’ Union Graduate School
student representative
-Holly Powell-Jones
Part 3 – Report from Vice‐President (Research and Enterprise)Paper 1Speaker
#7To receive a verbal report from the Vice‐President (Research and
-Professor Andrew Jones
Part 3 - Items for discussionPaper 1Speaker
*8Tier 4 compliance
To receive an update on actions to support Tier 4 visa compliance
Verbal Visa Compliance Manager
*9City Graduate School Annual ReportTo receive a verbal update on progress with the City Graduate School
Annual Report
*10Policy for research students who teach
To receive and consider the following:
i. verbal update on work with the SU, UCU and HR to clarify the
contractual status of students;
ii. revised policy (for discussion);
iii. updated monitoring report pro form;
iv. clarification of External Supervisors and Consultants.
E Chair
*11Policy revisions:
To discuss proposed revisions to the following policies:
i. Suspension of Studies – draft for consideration
ii. Extension of Candidature – draft for consideration
*12Research Annual Programme Evaluations Summary Report
To receive a summary report
*13Reporting on Research Degree Students: Draft Position Paper
To consider options for streamlining reporting on research degrees
Part 3 - Items for informationPaper 1 
14Postgraduate Research Student Experience Survey (PRES)Verbal Chair
15Updated Guidance for Examiners Duties
To note an update in the wording to clarify the role of the supervisor
in supporting a student with major/minor amendments.

Web only

Research Degrees Awarded

To note information on research degrees awarded since May 2016

Paper (Web only)Chair

Research degree external examiner appointments

To note research degree external examiner appointments since May 2016

Web onlyChair
18AOB and Dates of future meeting:
To note the timing and frequency of meetings
 21 September 2017, 10am to 12 noon
 Additional dates to be agreed
Secretary: Megan Gerrie (on behalf of Student and Academic Services)
Email: quad@city.ac.uk
Telephone: 8106
1 City University of London’s Publication Scheme, produced in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, makes clear that the papers and minutes of meetings of Council and Senate and their committees are routinely published on the web. Paper letters given suffix “c” are closed papers that are exempt from the Scheme; these papers will not be published, at least in the first instance. All other papers are categorised as “Open” and are published without hesitation.