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Academic Practice, Programmes and Standards Committee (subsumed into Education Committee)

This committee ran from September 2005 to November 2011.  Its Terms of Reference and Membership were revised in November 2011 and the Committee was renamed the Education Committee.

This website holds all the papers from APPSC. Papers for the Education Committee can be found here.

The former Terms of Reference, membership and composition for APPSC can be found here (pdf).

Committees that were previously subsumed into APPSC were:

From start of 2005/06 -

Quality & Academic Standards Committee (QASC)
Programmes Committee
Teaching Learning & Assessment Committee (TLAC)
Teaching & Learning Assessment Group (TALAG)
Academic Working Group (AWG)
AWG Assessment Group (sub-group of AWG)
Assessment Regulations Working Party (sub-working party of AWG Assessment Group)

From start of 2006/07 -

Research Degrees Committee

If you would like to see records of APPSC meetings, please visit our archived pages.