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About City

Council, Senate and committees

The governing body of City, University of London is called the Council. The Council delegates decision-making to several sub-committees as well as the President and Chair of Council. Click on the links below to see more information on each committee, explaining the delegated authority, terms of reference and memberships as appropriate:

City, University of London's ordinances for the conduct of the business of Council, Senate and the committees above.

View City's ordinances

Meeting Schedule 2019/20


9th October 2020
27th November 2020
12th February 2021
26th March 2021
14th May 2021
2nd July 2021


7th October 2020 
9th December 2020
17th March 2021
12th May 2021
14th July 2021

Audit and Risk Committee

28th September 2020
9th November 2020
8th March 2021
14th June 2021

Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee

8th October 2020
11th February 2021
13th May 2021

Remuneration Committee

20th November 2020
11th March 2021
17th June 2021

Strategy, Implementation and Performance Committee

17th September 2020
5th November 2020
21st January 2021
4th March 2021
29th April 2021
10th June 2021


The Annual Meeting of Stakeholders, known as Court, was held on  12th March 2020.

Academic Governance Committee

23rd September 2020
11th November 2020
10th February 2021
21st April 2021
16th June 2021