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  2. Education
  3. Rector and President
  4. Governance and leadership
  5. Working at City
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  1. Constitution
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About City



A.    Role Profiles

A1. Collective Responsibilities of Council
A2. Council Members
A3. Senator Role Profile
A4. Chair of Council
A5. President
A6. College Secretary
A7. Honorary Rector
A8. Role Profile for the Deputy Chair of Council

B.   Delegated Authority

B1. Authority delegated to the President
B2. Authority delegated to the Chair of Council
B3. Power to enter into contracts
B4. Freedom of Speech for meetings or other activities on City, University of London Premises

C.   Committees

C1. Senate
C2. Audit & Risk Committee (ARC)
C3. Corporate Governance & Nominations Committee (CGNC)
C4. Remuneration Committee (RemCo)
C5. Strategy, Implementation & Performance Committee (SIPCo)
C6. Redundancy Panel & Committee

D.    Standing Orders

D1. Chair of Council and Deputy Chair of Council Vacancies
D2. Appointment of Council Members
D3. Appointment Process for Staff and Student Council Members
D4. Removal and Resignation of Council Members
D5. Committee Members
D6. Meetings
D7. Declaration of Interests
D8. School Link Scheme
D9. Sabbatical Leave
D10. Publication

E. Staffing

E1. Procedures on Grievance, Managing Performance, Discipline, Dismissal and Redundancy
E2. Dismissal and Removal from Office of the President

J.   Other

J1. Alumni Association Constitution
J2. Relationship between City, University of London and its Students' Union
J3. Honorary Awards
J4. Annual Meeting of the Stakeholders ("The Court")
J5. Members of City, University of London

K.   Appendices Not Part of Ordinances

K1. Committee Structure
K2. Executive Structure